Hello there, what can I do for you?1,371
Very well, prepare yourself.1,163
What do you wish to know?1,083
I'm afraid I don't have any information on that expedition. You're probably better off talking to one of the others.1,082
During the time of King Shayzien VII, the Tower of Magic was the seat of power in Kourend. The king spent a lot of his time at the Tower, more than any other king.1,082
Well now that I think about it, it was around the same time as the expedition you were asking about. I doubt the two are connected though.1,063
Well the prison is abandoned and has been for many years so I suppose there's no harm in letting you see it.1,051
I could tell you about the kings' work on the Tower of Magic though.743
In fact, he oversaw the construction of various new sections, most notably the prison.704
Be aware that the magic in that part of the tower is a bit unstable so any items left in the prison will be lost. Would you like me to teleport you there now?695
I guess you're wanting me to teleport you to the prison again? Be aware that any items left in the prison will be lost.168
Well, I am somewhat of an expert in the field of magical traps.96
A good question. This historical archive is actually part of the Tower of Magic and was repurposed for the library many decades ago.84
The task has fallen to me to investigate and study what we can of these enchantments in the hopes of understanding the magical power.69
Unfortunately we don't possess full understanding of the Tower of Magic and its many enchantments, so we often discover remnants of traps from the Tower.65
Is there anything else I can help you with?24
The Tower of Magic is a uniquely enchanted building located just west of the library, though many levels and rooms are hidden from sight.23
Navigating the tower is difficult and many of the levels are off limits.23
I have dedicated my life to studying the powerful enchantments that conceal the many levels of the tower, though it proves difficult at times.20
The Tower was constructed under the rule of King Rada III, though we don't know exactly when, since dates were not recorded before the Twill Accord.16
Indeed. During the invasion of the Wintertodt it was feared that all Kourend might be lost to the cold. In order to preserve the history of the Kingdom, this archive was created during the fifth decade.15
Unfortunately, as it is a former chamber of the Tower, and we do not fully understand the magic that conceals it, we often discover strange enchantments that we believe to be old traps.15
Yes, she turned up a few days later, a little confused but physically fine. It happens every now and then but most people turn up eventually.15
Just be careful of walking into walls. Is there anything else I can help you with?15
I'll be here if you change your mind.14
Just recently we lost a Scholar when she accidentally activated a portal and fell through it.12
The Tower was constructed by King Rada III. We do not know exactly when, nor what for.9
Following the rebellion of the five houses against King Rada III, the Council of Elders was formed and they used the Tower as a meeting place for the council.9
Since then it has been mostly used as residence by whoever was ruler of the kingdom, with each of the fifty different leaders using the tower however they saw fit.7
For the last two decades the Kourend Council have led the kingdom. As the leaders of each house prefer to reside within their cities, Lord Arceuus now controls much of the Tower.7