What do you want?144
This is our vinery. My father's cracked the secret of viticulture, and although our climate's too cold for most grapes, we've made a working vineyard here.46
You seem to have got yourself a decent reputation around here, so you can grow grapes if you like. Old Gallow will look after them for you.38
I've got to test the produce. Ever since I was a child, I've been the official tester for the bacon, the beef, the pies, the beer, everything. Now there's wine!36
* BURP *35
What? Everyone knows who I am. I'm Pandur Hosidius, son of Lord Kandur Hosidius. You know him? The man who owns all this land? Well I'm his son.19
Don't get any ideas, though. We're not having just any random stranger wander in off the fields and try to grow grapes.8
Nope. He doesn't tell me what he's up to. Some attempt to impress father most likely. It usually is.1