I'm not supposed to let people pan here unless they have permission from the authorities first. Mind you, I could let you have a go if you're willing to do me a favour.1,051
Well, to be honest, what I would really like is... a nice cup of tea!1,049
Ah! Lovely! You can't beat a good cuppa... You're free to pan all you want.1,038
Hey! You can't pan yet!604
We do not allow the uninvited to pan here.582
Hello, I am the panning guide. I teach students how to pan in these waters. They're not permitted to do so until after they've had training and, of course, they must be invited to pan here too.524
Hello, I am the panning guide. I'm here to teach you how to pan for gold.149
Let me explain how panning works. First you need a panning tray. Use the tray in the panning points in the water and then search your tray.136
If you find any gold, take it to the archaeological expert up in the museum storage facility. He will calculate its value for you.90
Of course! Let's see now... Rock picks are for splitting rocks or scraping away soil; you can get one from a cupboard in the Education Centre.70
I think you'll find them scattered about pretty much everywhere, but I know you can get one from a cupboard somewhere in the Education Centre, just like the rock pick!69
We have a bit of a shortage of those at the moment. You could try borrowing one from a workman on the site... but I don't think they'd give it willingly.66
Ahh... that you must earn by passing your exams! The examiner holds those.65
If you need something identified or are not sure about something, give it to Terry; he's the archaeological expert in the next room.64
You can of course use this place when you know what you are doing...23
Absolutely, I'm parched!21
If you could bring me one of those, I would be more than willing to let you pan here. I usually get some from Varrock but I'm busy at the moment.19
Yes, this is a panning tray...1
This is no good to me; I don't deal with finds.1