Please enter the answer to the question.3,594
Squawk! Pieces of eight!3,530
Answer this and I'll give you treasure!2,297
Ah, hello Sir. Could you please free me? I seem to have ... OW! What are you doing? That's my spleen!1,087
Raaawk! Polly wanna cracker!1,010
Who's a pretty boy then?887
Avast ye scurvy swabs!855
Clap him in irons!686
Stowaway! Stowaway! *Squark*421
Clap her in irons!294
Lokar's a loser! *Brakawk*!264
*Squawk* Way to sail a boat! Way to sail a boat! *Brarrrk*229
She's blowing a storm, cap'n! *Brarrrrrk*200
Below deck, below deck!175
Pieces of eight!139
*brakawk* He means you dummy! You dummy! *Squawk*120
Shiver me timbers, what a ninny!97
Try again! Try again!63
Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!52
Polly wanna cracker!43
Tag when green light means tickets! Tag when red light means green light!39
Fight the law! *Squawk*38
Buried treasure!31
Danger! Danger!30
Get on with it!29
*Brawwwwwwk* I want guns, lots of guns! I want guns, lots of guns!25
*Squawk* Move it or lose it, move it or lose it.25
*Squawk* Run fer yer lives lads, it's a monster! *Squawk*23
Bunch of blooming loonies! *Brakawk*22
*Squaaaawk* Lazy stowaway!17
*Squawk* Not barbarians! Not barbarians! *Squawk*4
*Brakawk* Who's a jinx? Who's a jinx?3