You've come to the right place!3,286
Hi! I'm Party Pete. Welcome to the Party Room!1,067
I've won the Dance Trophy at the Kandarin Ball three years in a trot!79
Simple. With the lever you can do some fun stuff.35
A balloon drop costs 1000 gold. For this you get 200 balloons dropped across the whole of the party room. You can then have fun popping the balloons! If there are items in the Party Drop Chest they will be inside35
Any items that are in the chest will be dropped inside the balloons when you pull the lever!34
the balloons! For 500 gold you can summon the Party Room Knights who will dance for your delight.31
This room is for partying the night away!30
Get a few mates round, get the beers in and have fun!29
Some players organise parties so keep an eye open!27
Their singing isn't a delight though!27
A word of warning though. Any items that you put into the chest can't be taken out again and it costs 1000 gold pieces for each balloon drop.27
We used to be in Seers' Village, far to the west, but we had to move - the seers were complaining about the noise level, and the knights of Camelot got it into their heads that the Party Room knights were making fun of20
We're doing well here, though. The people of Falador are happy we're here, and we've hardly ever had the White Knights telling us to keep the noise down.18
We're going to turn Falador into the party capital of Gielinor!18
Yo! Party, party, party!2
Yeah! Party's the name, and partying is the game! Actually it's a full-time profession. You can't stop the party.2
Relax, don't do it! Yeah! Party mania! Yeah!2
You may leave the party, but the party never leaves you! Party!2