Hello there! Can I sew ye somethin' tegether?213
Well, ye see it works like this; I can sew yer eye patches onto yer pirate hats or pirate bandanas.116
Just pirate bandanas mind ye, I hate the feel of snakeskin. (Shudder)102
It costs 500 gold te do it, and 600 gold te get them separated.93
Sorry, I can't sew any of yer stuff tegether.91
Wear and tear on scissors.81
On another note, I also sew crab claw gauntlets on to pirate hooks, highwayman masks to black cavaliers, mime masks to black berets, partyhats to glasses and monocles to top hats if ye have them with ye.74
So, do ye have anything ye wants doin?70
Sure, but remember I charge 500 coins, so if you don't have them you'll have to come back later!68
Fair enough. See you around!18
You want me te separate these two for ye?13