Where'd he go?784
So Agrith-Naar was never going to do anything for us. I suppose I'll have to make my fortune the hard way!184
I guess none of us are going to get rich now. Let's do what needs to be done!119
Agrith-Naar is going to make us all sooo rich!60
Oh no!30
What are we going to do?27
What are we going to do?!!!26
Denath says he ran away. I don't know why. Who would want to run away from what Agrith-Naar is going to do for us?14
Help! Save me from the demon!14
Yeah! I'm going to get myself a dragon longsword! And a million rune ores! And a small piece of coloured paper to put on my head!14
I don't want to be satisfied, I want to be rich!9
Get to your place in the circle and lead the ritual! I'm so excited!5
Right now I don't have anything. But soon, I will have everything!5
Those gems on the demon's throne look valuable. I just wish I had some way to remove them.3