Ah, I know the ceremony very well. Maybe I can help. I do have a cape, but why would I want to give it to some random person off the streets?1,250
Nice try. But I am always glad to help a person in need, if they can demonstrate some insight.1,250
How about you try and guess my name!1,249
Do you want this cape or not?1,216
It's not my fault my parents had an over active imagination.1,215
That's it! Well done.1,214
Ah, you'd think so, but no. That is my alias. I want you to tell me my REAL name! I have one first name, and a triple barrel surname!1,212
Lets see...1,208
OK. Change a letter from the word Dane to get my first name. The first part of my surname rhymes with wood, the third part rhymes with spade and the second rhymes with magic.954
Ah, a stranger to our island. What brings you here?157
The Fremenniks? Pah! They are just too ignorant and stubborn to listen to anything we have to say - how can we possibly associate with a race that won't listen?151
Well, when the day comes that a Fremennik can prove they have the patience and interest in learning our ways, then we will perhaps share our secrets.138
Good luck. It's far from simple.137
I don't like to repeat myself, but...31
Nope. Not even close.22
Ha! Nice try, but no.16
How rude!11
Get out of my sight!10
What are you doing here, Fremennik?!4
No you do not! Begone!4