Yes, comrade?1,314
Comrade! You really do have a funny sense of humour. No, our people live in the great city of Palingrad, of course. Ah, home, I miss it.918
So, tell them the phrase. It's not exactly hard to remember. Pescaling Pax has a strange sense of humour.917
Pescaling Pax. The Pescallion's son. Well, one of them. He's in charge of research and development at our headquarters.917
How do you not know the phrase, comrade?917
If only. The Pescallion has declared that until we have finished our research of the southern species and have developed our great plan, we may not return. So I am stuck here observing humans.915
You could take my mission report back to the outpost for me. I don't want to risk breaking out and blowing our cover.797
Yes, I am. I'm tired of observing these humans and being gawked at by nasty little children. I miss the fresh codfish of our motherland.795
Who cares? It's the entire reason we are in this wretched cage! We need to learn the secret to flight, and the best way is to get these gullible humans to reveal it to us unwittingly. Blast them and their thumbs.789
You flapped a lot? I didn't think we could fly like other birds.786
It was easy!? It was easy to learn how to FLY?782
Welcome comrade. Now we may speak properly.770
As you are a comrade, I suppose it is my duty to help you.757
Operatives must not speak without giving the proper greeting. You have not given the proper greeting and until you do I have nothing more to say.749
...So are you.748
What news do you bring? Have you made progress with the main directive?743
A hot air balloon? This contraption made you fly?731
What do you think you are doing?687
And you are speaking in the common tongue. So, what is your point?657
This is very amazing. I will make note of it in my mission report.642
You should check in with the operatives in Lumbridge before you head to the outpost. They might have some news for you to take as well.638
The phrase is 'Do not trust the walrus.'626
This caused you to fly...ingenious.521
No one left before it was given out. I was one of the first operatives to leave, and I know it.469
That was very careless of you, comrade. But it is your problem, not mine.412
I am sorry comrade, but you still have not shown me the proper greeting.264
I see you have some raw cod with you comrade. I might be willing to exchange information for it, if you are willing.174
Thank you comrade. This is like a taste of the motherland. The phrase is 'Do not trust the walrus.'164
I am sorry comrade, but I cannot break protocol without good reason.75
Good luck with that. Only time I saw those guards leave was to try and arrest those bards.45
This is just the entrance hall, nothing is going on. All the research goes on deeper in the 'berg.43
Sorry, no time. Remember comrade, strength through unity!39
What, ain't you ever seen a black and white before?38
Don't lose sight of our goal, comrade. Through fight and flight we shall conquer!38
What bar? We have a bar? I need a drink!35
Haa haa haa, that is a funny joke. I like your sense of humour comrade. It would be like asking 'Where is the motherland'.30
Haa haa haa...oh you have me in stitches.30
What? Comrade, I think you need your head examined when you get back.23
You need check in with the operatives in Lumbridge before you head to the outpost. They might have some news for you to take as well.18
I cannot speak to you, comrade... It is not safe.13
Do not be so careless again, comrade. What if our reports fell into the wrong hands?4
No, thank you. I've just had lunch.4
I don't need that.2