Yes, thank you.1,236
The food you gave me healed my wounds, and it also reminded me of my family; that helped me to remember who I was.928
I'm afraid that I'm trapped here, but I still remember something of this floor of the temple.909
If you need any hints about the rooms nearby, I can give you some help.883
A cake? There's nothing to celebrate, is there?528
So many years gone by. My children must have grown up and left home.455
My daughter was learning to cook this when I left.446
I haven't remembered her in so long... thank you for reminding me of her.383
Have you come to torture me again?372
I haven't remembered them in so long... thank you for reminding me of them.357
Oh, you may look human, but I know you're not. I've heard stories.339
You'll never get what you want from me. I'm a soldier of Avarrocka, and will stand strong!332
Besides, I am already wounded, and have been so for many years, thanks to this spell you cast on me. And hungry. So very, very hungry.330
How you Mahjarrat can take on any form, and use magic to inflict pain without any weapons.294
When we came to the temple, that fountain was frosted with ice.144
Even chipping at it with swords or lighting fires under it didn't do anything.129
My guess is that some sort of magic is keeping it that way.96
I tried to go in there, but the smoke was so thick I could barely see the furnace.92
I never went in there myself, but I peered through the door.86
It may be that it's blocked, in which case you'll have to clear it out.80
There seemed to be fires of some sort all around the room, but they were burning low.73
A good breeze should do the trick.70
I'd imagine they've gone out by now.60
I might have enjoyed that food if you hadn't already eaten part of it.4
So, you're throwing scraps of food to me like I'm a dog, are you?3
If only you could feel the bite of my sword!3
That's revolting! Why would you give people food you've already eaten half of?1
I'm not touching that!1
I'm not going to eat something your cat dragged in!1
Some fresh home baking would be delicious.1