Well, that's not very nice...I mean, I'm a nice guy and I thought you were nice too! Why would you want to run me through? I mean, it's only a weather report. 1,064
There you go...a weather report as asked for...I hope it helps you!1,048
Oh, thanks so can't believe how helpful it is to get accurate predictions on the weather...we Seers are almost blind without it.1,047
Well, it's complicated, the special Seers tools that help us predict the weather are not aligned properly...1,030
Hi there, yes she has actually! Well done, you're a true hero!1,001
I wish I could but it's just been so difficult to get a clear image of the future at the moment. You know...we're all so relieved that Petra has returned and all that.999
Well, we use a special combination of items which are used to gauge current weather movements and we're able to predict future weather patterns from these. Of course, it's strongly linked to the Seers' foresight ability.967
What for?960
Ok, ok, it's up on the roof...960
Oh, very well..but you'll need to be a specialist to fix this weather vane, it was made by some of the most experienced....958
Well, let me think now...There's a copper eye, a rotating thing, and some pointy direction thingies. It's all highly scientific - and of course mystical - in a very magical 'foresight' sort of way.951
Er...maybe...I may be talking about that...951
Erm, well....err....951
It doesn't make sense to get angry about something so trivial.854
Not exactly lazy...but unable. My abilities and concern have been focused on the fate of a local girl whose association with a certain wizard has landed her between a rock and hard place.796
Hmm, somehow I knew you were going to ask me is so predictable when you have the power of foresight.795
Alas my presumptuous friend, the power of foresight and the impulse to act is quite similar to the interplay between intelligence and wisdom. 794
Great! I just knew you'd agree to help!783
Well, I wouldn't have put it quite that way...779
Do you think you could do me a small favour? Check around the vicinity. The impressions are coming from a south westerly direction. 777
Don't go further east than you are already, no further south than Ardougne and no further west than the combat training camp.599
One might have intelligence enough to realise that cakes are bad for us, but we may not have the wisdom to stop cramming that delicious-looking fatty cream cake into our salivating mouth.556
Since when has any Seer ever given you a straight answer...the power of knowing the future and the visions we see have to be wrapped in allegory so that the truth can slowly be accepted by the listener.392
How can you be sure? Are you so sure of what you just asked me? And am I really avoiding your questions by asking you lots of other questions? Answer me that huh! 391
Anyway, we need a special combination of items before we can truly have foreknowledge of the weather.264
Well, it's just like that Ok, I just can't get a clear picture...and that's it.206
Well, nothing in fact, as I can't give you a weather report. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is.177
I would really like to, please believe me, I would, but I just can't.127
I'm not making you angry, you're doing that all on your own! I just don't have a weather report to give you!118 I can't, I told you, I can't get a clear picture. Nope, sorry, the conditions are just not quite right.115 dare you...I've never been so insulted in my life.108
Well, it would be nice to locate her...if possible. Then we may be able to work out what to do when we can see what sort of state she's in.107
I can't help that, you should be more understanding and less forceful, then I might be persuaded to give you the weather report.107
The girl's name is Petra, she's a very ...energetic youngster, always wanted to travel and have adventures. When she turned seventeen she set off to earn herself fame and fortune. 89
It's quite difficult to pinpoint exactly where she is, but apparently she's in some sort of cavern structure. 89
Well, we believe it may be some sort of nearby cave, it can't be very far away as the impressions we get are quite strong. We believe the cave is a home for some sort of creature or creatures.88
Thank you, all I need to do is figure out how to get these logs into that vial, but that's my problem. Take this as a reward.87
We sense that there are other beings around her, smelly creatures, and some sort of presence is watching over her.82
It looks like she's ended up in a bit of a dead end position...81
Unfortunately no, sorry, but if adventure is what you seek, try checking through your quest list!41
A lot of our time is spent addressing everyday sorts of things, plus we meditate a lot and enhance our powers of mystical foresight.27
Hmm, well, you can come back in several months and see if we can do one for you....does that help?26
This is Seers Village! We're an organisation of mystically gifted people with the power of foresight...we see things that have yet to come to pass.21
Fantastic, come and let me know when you've finished.20
I need you to start checking nearby caves looking for our missing Petra. The caves are probably home to some creature or creatures. Check around the vicincity.17
The impressions are coming from a south westerly direction. Don't go further east than you are already, no further south than Ardougne and no further west than the combat training camp.12
I've no clue my friend, you mentioned something about Arhein, but your plans might have changed in the meantime.9
Well, that's a bit of shame, I have to say...we all miss our Petra!8
Quite hard actually. I mean, you're still waiting for me to do it aren't you and I've told you time and again that I can't...right now...but that normally it's actually quite an easy thing for me to do.6
Hmm, yes, I tried to get replacement parts made but they're just ones made from memory so they're not very good. However, I had to pay a pretty penny for them so I'm passing that cost on to you. 2
Here you go then!2
If you want these spare parts, it's going to cost you 335 gold pieces - perhaps this will ensure that you don't lose them again.1
Oh, very well..but you'll need to be a specialist to fix thi%USERNAME%her vane, it was made by some of the most experienced....1