Right...yes...Ok, ok, I think I'm getting my motivation now. Ok, let's try this again!1,001
Oh might be right...ok, let's try again.999
Oh no...Juliet has...died!998
Poor Juliet...make preparations for her body to be placed in the Crypt...750
Yes, I'm quite the actress! Good luck dear cousin!732
Hi Romeo...I'm Phillipa!703
It's a shame about Juliet...but perhaps we can meet up later?700
Oh no...Juliet has...died?651
OH NO...JULIET HAS...DIED?.... Oooooohhhhhh....(sob), (sob) poor dead cousin!643
Hi, I'm Phillipa! Juliet's cousin? I like to keep an eye on her, make sure that dashing young Romeo doesn't just steal away from here under our plain old noses!50
He'd do it you know... he's ever so dashing, and cavalier, in a wet blanket sort of way.42
Oh, hello again! How was I... do you think I was convincing?42
Ohhh good! I do hope Juliet will be pleased as well! That dashing young Romeo must be beside himself with excitement! Have you told him the good news yet?41
Good, good... you lucky thing, I can't wait to see the look on his face!39
Hello, I seem to be getting on really well with that dashing lovely dovely, Romeo... Pity about poor Juliet... she missed out there I reckon!31
Oh, hello... Juliet has told me what you're doing for her and Romeo and I have to say, I'm very grateful to you. Juliet deserves a bit of happiness in her life.21
And I'm sure Romeo is just the sort of jester to make her laugh out loud... hysterically you might say. He always brings a tear to my eyes... tears of happiness at his foolish antics! 15
Well, that's a good question! Who knows where his head's at most of the time... in the clouds most likely!2
But he's probably chasing the ladies who frequent Varrock market. He does like a bit of kiss chase so I've heard!2
Hello, I seem to be getting on really well with that dashing lovely dovely, Romeo. Pity about poor Juliet - she missed out there I reckon!1