That's not your assigned Slayer target. Up here, I expect people to focus on their Slayer training.3,133
Welcome to my private little wyvern area.985
No, I'm not. My brother Steve is a Slayer Master. He took over the job from our cousin Nieve. All he has to do is tell people to kill stuff - he says it's easy!145
I'm Pieve. My big brother Steve made this training area, but he's gone off to be a Slayer Master to replace our cousin Nieve, so this area's mine now.124
My brother, Steve, carved the steps to get up here. He was jealous of our cousin, Nieve, because she'd got a huge training cave where she could boss people around. So he made this place.97
Hey, that sort of thing may be allowed in the Gnome Stronghold cave, but this isn't the Gnome Stronghold! No cannons up here.13