Here you go.1,486
Hello. I can convert items to banknotes, for 50 coins per item. Just hand me the items you'd like me to convert.356
I'm Piles. I lived in Draynor Village when I was young, where I saw three men working in the market, converting items to banknotes.37
Their names were Niles, Miles and Giles. I'm trying to be like them, so I've changed my name and started this business here.31
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!27
I'll need 50 coins per item.16
That's a banknote already. What are you trying to achieve? Banknoteception?7
Sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone to want to convert that sort of item, so I haven't any banknotes for it.5
I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a banknote for that item.1