I am indeed, fastest builder in Kourend and a dab hand at sculpture. How can I help?988
Maybe. What of?988
Oh really? Who was he then?987
Of course I do, just pulling your leg. Sounds like a great idea, though I am only good at doing arms and hands on big statues - is that of use?986
You earned the favour of my people and I think it's right that we honour the founding of our city in this way, that is why I am here.972
Yes, yes, I'm on my way, just collecting my things! I'll be there shortly.104
Oh hello there.57
I'm afraid not, far too busy.57
We can't start till we have someone to build all the parts.39
Indeed, rather proud of it myself, look at those fingernails.26
Oh hello there, you've come to the right place.15
I am sorry but the people of Port Piscarilius does not favour you currently. I have to get back to my duties.15
Great! Since working on that statue, everyone wants a miniature - very handy for business!3