Dude, we are bards. We sing of the glories of the common penguin. We are also supposed to record history, but man, it is so HIS story. Like, the MAN's story.995
Totally, dude. You want to hear one of our songs?994
Wait, wait. It needs more cowbell. 993
Like, the War Room and stuff like that, dude. Wicked stuff. Too bad only 'the man' gets to go through.992
But dude, I was reading, and there are instruments we could play. I read about one called bongos. They just need to be hit.989
Our Pescallion went exploring and found this iceberg764
To grow and learn, though our hearts did yearn...742
Upon an iceberg he came, and our lives were never the same.732
Deep inside the 'berg lay a threat, but don't fret! 704
Man, did you bring the instruments to us?591
Well, like, we can't play it in THIS now. Maybe at a later now. We don't have any instruments to accompany our great song.522
Yeah man, but they come from the south, where humans have thumbs to play them with. We don't have thumbs. Also, the Pescaling had our old ones confiscated for being too loud.522
Hey man, don't stress. Those doors open new worlds, man. Like, new rooms too.520
No, man. He just means the authority. The MAN, you know?518
Righteous man. So you'll get a cowbell and bongos for us and we'll rock out. We'll be so harmonious, no Pescallion could complain.515
Because your aura says you should.515
Dude, good job on the instruments. Just let us set up and we'll get going.506
But we need two instruments, man. Like, to make it harmonious with the vibes.382
You didn't bring the bongos.65
We want a cowbell and a set of bongos.24
Did you bring the instruments?15
Man, our vibes say that we're ready to sing for you.5
Cool man, you got yourself a fine instrument.3
You didn't bring the instruments.3