Arr? Be ye wantin' te go on account with our gang o' fillibusters?195
The powder monkey be takin' a caulk after gettin' rowdy on bumboo, so there be plenty of room for ye.174
Watch where yer goin'!78
Are ye here know...the stuff...41
Big 'uns, nasty 'uns. You name it, we got it.39
What ship did ye pull in on, stranger?38
Aye, good day te ye too.38
There be Jungle Horrors in the jungles, and Cave Horrors in the caves.36
The know...the stuff?31
Tis no place te be havin' a picnic and no mistake.30
Then it must have been my fault and I apologise lad.30
That's a good ship, that it be.30
Well lad, it's 'cos there be foul things in the jungle beyond.30
Sorry, sorry, my mistake!26
I suppose it is. What of it?25
Well...why would ye do a thing like that?21
I'm the scourge of the seven seas!20
Aren't ye Toothless Kevin?20
Ain't ye the scurvy curr that killed my brother?20
Ahoy there!20
Avast behind!18
You can't have me treasure!17
Where's the treasure? Who told ye about me treasure?17
Well lass, it's 'cos there be foul things in the jungle beyond.16
Ain't no treasure down 'ere.16
How many things de ye have te kill in a day te lose count?15
Never mind! I never liked him that much anyway!15
What's a landlubber like ye doin' here?15
Takin' a walk, gettin' some air.14
Yo ho ho and bottle of alcopop!14
I'm the scourge of the six seas!14
Splice the mainbrace!14
Then it must have been my fault and I apologise lass.13
Well done to ye. I'll see ye around.13
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!12
Arr, we like te keep the peace around here.11
Arr, that it be.11
Good day to you my dear sir!11
A pox on ye!11
Batton down the hatches there's a storm a brewin!11
Great blackbeard's beard!10
This place smells disgusting.10
Fancy a crumpet?10
Arrh arrh!10
Aren't ye Toothless Lisa?9
Some of the older pirates don't like it, but Mos Le'Harmless be a hive of sense and civility.9
3 days at port for resupply then out on the high sea!9
Thar she blows!9
Arrrh ye lily livered landlubber!9
Arrh ye scurvy sea dog!8
Keel haul them I say!8
It is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out.8
Man overboard!8
Dead men tell no tales.8
You'll be joining Davey Jones in his locker!8
Kill the landlubber!7
Arrh be off with ye!7
Oooh arrh!6
I'm gonna kill ye!6
Shiver me timbers!5
No wait. That's a farmer.5
Avast me hearties!5
Te Davy-Jones locker with ye!5
Keep yer voice down lass, can't ye see I'm busy?5
I can't feel me brains no more...5 shufflin' muffle burble...5
I can't wait to be back at sea again.5
Arrh I'll keel haul ye!5
Arrh! I be in search of buried treasure!5
Pieces of eight! pieces of eight!4
Oh wait that's the parrot's line.4
All hands on deck!4
Kill the squid-lovin' dog!4
Sorry, I mean...4
Prepare te die!4
Yo ho ho me hearties!3
Get off my ship!2
Arr! Run him through sez I!2
I think ye'll be taking a long walk off a short plank!2
What is your business?2
Well have a good day, miss.2
I'll have ye guts fer garters!1
I used to be a language tutor, teaching in a small school just outside of Lumbridge.1
However the place closed down due to ill attendance, and so I was forced to take up piracy.1
Not really, I made my way through via a short stint as a lawyer.1
I must return to my duties. Have a nice day!1