I don't think Mr Grip will like you opening that. That's his private drinks cabinet.960
Pieces of eight! pieces of eight!7
Oh wait that's the parrot's line.7
Avast behind!7
Batton down the hatches there's a storm a brewin!6
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!3
Great blackbeard's beard!3
Man overboard!3
I'm the scourge of the seven seas!3
Arrrh ye lily livered landlubber!3
Ahoy there!2
Keel haul them I say!2
A pox on ye!2
Oooh arrh!2
No wait. That's a farmer.2
Arrh! I be in search of buried treasure!2
Splice the mainbrace!2
Yo ho ho me hearties!1
I'm the scourge of the six seas!1
3 days at port for resupply then out on the high sea!1
Arrh ye scurvy sea dog!1
Avast me hearties!1
Yo ho ho and bottle of alcopop!1
Arrh I'll keel haul ye!1
Good day to you my dear sir!1
All hands on deck!1