There was a murder at the Sinclair House??? That's terrible! And I was only there the other day too! They bought the last of my Patented Multi Purpose Poison!1,324
Well, Peter Potter's Patented Multi Purpose Poison is a product of such obvious quality that I am glad to say I managed to sell a bottle to each of the Sinclairs!1,233
Anna, Bob, Carol, David, Elizabeth and Frank all bought a bottle! In fact they bought the last of my supplies!1,038
That I did, indeed! Peter Potter's Patented Multipurpose poison! A miracle of modern apothecarys! My exclusive concoction has been tested on...923
Howdy! You seem like someone with discerning taste! Howsabout you try my brand new range of alcohol?922
Sorry stranger, old habits die hard I guess.922
Well, I would, but I ran out of stock. Business wasn't helped with that stuff that happened up at the Sinclair Mansion much either, I'll be honest.922
Absolutely! The basic premise between alcohol and poison is pretty much the same, after all! The difference is that my alcohol has a unique property others do not!922
Ever been too drunk to find your own home? Ever wished that you could party away all night long, and still wake up fresh as a daisy the next morning?922
Well... nobody has actually bought any yet. Everyone I try and sell it to always asks me what exactly the point of beer that has absolutely no effect on you is.916
Well... Um... Er... Hmmm. You, er, don't get drunk.916
Aw man... You don't want any now do you? I've really tried to push this product, but I just don't think the world is ready for beer that doesn't get you drunk.916
Y-you would??? Um, okay! I knew I still had the old salesmans skills going on!895
Maybe I can take your name and address and I will personally come and visit you when stocks return?891
Thanks to the miracles of modern magic we have come up with just the solution you need! Peter Potter's Patented Party Potions!671
and Peter Potters paralysing panic pins. Available now from all good stockists! Ask your local bartender now, and experience the taste revolution of the century!659
So, being the man of enterprise that I am I decided to branch out a little bit!658
It looks just like beer! It tastes just like beer! It smells just like beer! But... it's not beer!646
That's right! You can drink Peter Potters Patented Party Potion as much as you want, and suffer absolutely no ill effects whatsoever!643
Our mages have mused for many moments to bring you this miracle of modern magic! It has all the great tastes you'd expect, but contains absolutely no alcohol!630
I'm a man ahead of my time I tell you! It's not that my products are bad, it's that they're too good for the market!627
I'll sell you a keg of it for only 250 gold pieces! So what do you say?627
The clean fresh taste you know you can trust, from the people who brought you; Peter Potters Patented multipurpose poison, Peter Potters peculiar paint packs625
Hmmm... yes, that smells exactly like my Patented Multi Purpose Poison, but I don't see how it could be. It quite clearly says on the label of all bottles231
Yes... I suppose that could have happened...230
'Not to be taken internally - EXTREMELY POISONOUS'.193
Aaaaah... a miracle of modern apothecaries!100
I'd love to sell you some but I've sold out recently. That's just how good it is! Three hundred and twenty eight people in this area alone cannot be wrong!96
This exclusive concoction has been tested on all known forms of life and been proven to kill them all in varying dilutions from cockroaches to king dragons!89
all with our uniquely fragrant concoction that is immediately recognisable across the land as Peter Potter's Patented Poison potion!!!83
Nine out of Ten poisoners prefer it in controlled tests!83
Perhaps I can take your name and add it to our mailing list of poison users? We will only send you information related to the use of poison and other Peter Potter Products!83
So incredibly versatile, it can be used as pest control, a cleansing agent, drain cleaner, metal polish and washes whiter than white,80
Can I help you with anything else?75
That I do, and sales are rocketing upwards as word of mouth spreads of it's clean taste and cool flavour! So... you want to buy some?72
Howdy! Thanks for buying all that low alcohol beer from me! Now I have the funds to whip up a new batch of my patented multipurpose poison!58
I hear you're pretty smart to have solved the Sinclair Murder!43
I'm afraid I am totally out of stock at the moment after my successful trip to the Sinclairs' House the other day.41
Maybe I can take your name and add it to my mailing list for potential purchasers of Peter Potter's patented multipurpose poison?40
But don't worry! Our factories are working overtime to produce Peter Potter's Patented Multi Purpose Poison!35
And its unique fragrance makes it the number one choice for cleaners and exterminators the whole country over!33
Possibly the finest multi purpose poison and cleaner yet available to the general market.30
Sorry pal, we do not offer credit for any purchases made of Peter Potter's patented party potion! Come back when you have the cash!26
I'm afraid I'm all sold out of poison at the moment. People know a bargain when they see it!25
Sorry pal, doesn't look like you have room on you to carry it.3