Here's your finished disguise. Be careful out there.1,428
There was enough material for some spares. I'll leave them in the chest in the corner in case you need more.1,428
Great. Hand it over and I'll get to work.1,425
Good to see you %USERNAME%. How are things going?1,424
Well that's good to hear. Anything I can help with?1,422
The city of Darkmeyer? Oh my! You'd better be careful.1,414
That's a good idea. Do you have a vyrewatch disguise with you?1,412
Anyhow, yes I should be able to help. What kind of disguise do you need?948
Okay. Thanks for letting me know. I'll tell Radigad.777
But then your brother came along.582
Not at all. I'm sure I'll be able to help.526
Ah, I see you've introduced yourself to Veliaf. Now, what can I do for you?500
Hello there. Do you have a vyrewatch disguise yet?440
I'm afraid not. Killing Lowerniel Drakan is no victory at all if he just gets replaced with his sister. Especially if it results in our demise.421
I still fear it's a trap. But perhaps our best move now is to spring that trap. You've convinced me. I will support Safalaan.376
A fair point. And I guess if we can't kill Lowerniel, what does it matter at that point. We'll all be dead.371
An interesting proposal. Do you think we can do it?367
Not so good. It's great to see you're helping us out though.351
Hello there. I hope Vanescula isn't causing trouble.332
He does? Why?327
Oh dear. I fear she is trying to manipulate him.324
Vanescula does not strike me as someone that fails to consider every detail of a plan. However, you must have spotted the clear holes in this scheme to kill her brother.324
Her plan detailed getting us in and killing her brother. But there was no mention of getting us out again. We'll have just killed the ruler of Morytania. To the vampyres, we'll be public enemy number one.324
Don't worry, I'm just getting my stuff together before leaving. Good luck with your trip to the temple.291
Do you mind fetching one?282
These are dark times friend.258
If you ask me, I reckon that Vanescula will kill us all as soon as her brother is out of the picture.255
Hey there. It's brilliant that you've been made into a full member of the Myreque!194
Maybe. I guess we'll find out soon enough. Be careful out there.180
Keep up the good work, I'm sure Veliaf appreciates it.146
I'll be here once you have.144
Hey there. It's great of you to do all this work for Veliaf. I've heard him say some good things about you. Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll be invited to become a full member of the Myreque!143
Hello there.98
Hello there %USERNAME%. How are things going?39
Salutations! How are you?34
There should be some spare disguises in the chest in the corner.32
I'm a key advisor to Veliaf. He seeks my council on many issues before we engage the enemy. Not that we do that very often. Our foes heavily outnumber us.28
We don't give up though. After all, all that is required for evil to survive is for good people to do nothing.27
Yes, I hear them all the time. They're neither correct or even all that interesting though.19
Hello there. Have you convinced the others to work with Vanescula?15
Well keep at it.14
Well there's multiple groups of us. Even we don't know exactly how many. The less we know about our allies, the less we can reveal to the vampyres if captured.14
Veliaf leads this group. We operate throughout Mort Myre and the surrounding villages. He reports to Calsidiu who is the head of our resistance.14
This is a dark day for the Myreque.13
All the land on this side of the Salve is known as Morytania. Humans and vampyres are the main occupants of the region, though other races also live out here.13
Don't worry. No one blames you. You were tricked and that's that. It serves no useful purpose to blame any of ourselves for this.12
The humans here live like cattle with the vampyres taking regular blood tithes to keep themselves fed. All in all, it's a dire place. Though we hope to change that.12
You should be keeping an eye on Safalaan and Vanescula. We will talk later.7
Hello there. Here to help the cause are you? Speak to Veliaf. He'll sort you out.6
He's out on business. Don't worry, he knows how to take care of himself.4
Well I can't make your new disguise until you give it to me.2
You need to bring me a full vyrewatch disguise. I can't work without every piece of it.2
Maybe. I guess we'll find out soon enough. Myreque prevail.2