And a 1 and a 2 and a 3...999
You're right, man. Let's try this again!876
There once was a Pescallion, who travelled in a galleon.755
He travelled the world, until his toes curled.724
Now we have no fear706
As an outpost it was approved, so here our people moved.698
For Pescaling Pax trapped those monsters behind a gate, but let's hope they don't mate.682
But shed a small tear for the motherland.668
For the motherland.662
Man, did you bring the instruments to us?577
Dude, good job on the instruments. Just let us set up and we'll get going.483
Hey man, don't stress. Those doors open new worlds, man. Like, new rooms too.472
No, man. He just means the authority. The MAN, you know?471
Well, like, we can't play it in THIS now. Maybe at a later now. We don't have any instruments to accompany our great song.471
Yeah man, but they come from the south, where humans have thumbs to play them with. We don't have thumbs. Also, the Pescaling had our old ones confiscated for being too loud.470
Righteous man. So you'll get a cowbell and bongos for us and we'll rock out. We'll be so harmonious, no Pescallion could complain.470
Because your aura says you should.469
But we need two instruments, man. Like, to make it harmonious with the vibes.342
You didn't bring the bongos.53
Did you bring the instruments?19
We want a cowbell and a set of bongos.17
You didn't bring a cowbell.7
Man, our vibes say that we're ready to sing for you.6
You didn't bring the instruments.2
Cool man, you got yourself a fine instrument.1