Keep your voice down! You've no idea who might be listening!797
No I don't! I keep my distance from that lot!797
However, word on the streets is that Robert O'Reilly has been working with them. Perhaps he could help you. He lives in the middle of town.550
Yes it is! Don't look down your nose at me. I have to put up with an awful lot to earn my living, life is a daily struggle.101
He'll probably be at his home. You'll find it in the middle of town.71
Just look at the place, rats, flies and all sorts just swarming the area. Doesn't help that I stink but ain't no one who likes using those tin baths right in public view.22
It is difficult to make ends meet. There are just so many skilled fishermen here that the competition is too much! Leaves no room for someone like me.21
Look, this is none of your business, I'd appreciate it if you left me to it. I don't want to see another fancy adventurer again!21
Gang crime is everywhere! I see them sometimes... it makes me very uneasy. It becomes difficult to sleep at night, never mind the draft in here.16
Don't talk to me about those soldiers, all they ever do is blitz onto these docks with not a care in the world for us folk.15
Thieves! Thieves everywhere. Come to think of it, they always look remarkably like you! Adventurers running about stealing our things, get out of my sight.14