Lets go to the sewers of Varrock.5
I'm happy just pottering around.3
To be perfectly honest, I'd rather just lay about and groom myself. Looking at the state of your get up I reckon you would do well to follow suit.3
That thing you're wearing is so like last year.3
Meeoow! I think someone is a bit touchy todaySSS.3
Content. But a little more attention or rat hunting wouldn't go amiss.2
I'm feeling a bit like a ghost in a cake shop.2
You know... In need of exorcise.2
Lets go down to the sewers, seeing as we're in Varrock.2
Not really. I'd rather she didn't see me in my bloated state. Maybe once I get fit again we could go and visit her.2
I'm happy.2
I reckon West Ardougne would be the best bet from here.2
Hello Bob!1
I don't think so.....1
OK, I will try.1
No, but what's that got to do with.... no, nooooo! It cannot be!!1
That's impossible!!1
OK dad, maybe later. You're scaring me!1
Purr...I'm happy. %USERNAME% is good to me. But don't start neglecting me now that I've told you that.1
I feel as old as the last rat I killed and seeing as it was so tender and juicy, it must have been fairly young.1
I don't know. Master knows me thinks.1
Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would now.. I feel nice!!1
Anywhere dangerous is good with me!1
Happy as a demon in a Lava pit.1
Hiss! What would you care?1
I rather not say.1
Ok I'm very old and fat! Are you happy now? Do you feel good, having a laugh at my expense?1
Well maybe if you stroked me the odd time, or played with me.1
I'd like to go hunting, but since you've been neglecting me I'm too fat to do that properly anymore.1
You're having a laugh! I couldn't even catch a cold if I tried.1
Hisss. No the reason I can't catch any is because you neglect me, leaving me in the bank or in your bags for extended periods does not help.1
Oh! My fault, well then to answer your question, I'd like to go to the Varrock sewers.1
It's a quarter past tuesday.1
I think your amulet might be on the blink. Meoow, Miiiaaoow!1
Hiss's'sss's. ~Your cat tries to hold in a snigger, but fails miserably.1
Really, really.1
Stop right there.1
No there.1
At what?1
What's it?1
Stop, stop, stop! Right we're going to play a little game now.1
It's called give the cat some peace.1
You gently stroke your cat, then pick it up and finally leave it for an extended snooze in your backpack.1
I'd never have guessed. Well in that case I would be really annoyed if you took me hunting rats.1
Let'ssss gets some nasty ratsies.1
I'm getting on a bit, but I feel like there's plenty of life in me yet.1
Hunting! Meow! Yes hunting iss good.1