Greetings, Zanik! Dedication's what you need.157
Because training your prayer takes a long time!148
Very well. Saradomin be with you!143
Suit yourself. How about you, %USERNAME%?143
Greetings, %USERNAME%. Can I help you with anything, today?115
Is there anything else you would like to know?115
The gods look kindly upon their devout followers. There are all kinds of benefits they may provide, if you pray for them!64
Different kinds of bones will help you to train faster. Generally speaking, the bigger they are and the more frightening a creature they come from, the better they are for it.64
They could help you in combat, help your wounds to heal more quickly, protect your belongings... There's a lot they can do for you!62
You can find out more by looking in your prayer book.53
The most common way to train prayer is by either burying bones, or offering them to the gods at some kind of an altar.46
Lots of adventurers build such altars in their own homes, or there are a few frequent places of worship around the world.44
The most common way to train prayer is by burying bones to offer them to the gods.30
You need to be careful that your prayers don't run out, though. You can get prayer potions to help you recharge, or you can pray at an altar whenever one's nearby.29
I think you should be teaching me a thing or two, shouldn't you? Well, if you really want my advice...4