You've come to the right bard! I'll write one for you immediately!1,014
No problem, I'm already done! Here, listen!1,013
Astrid, I have an even better idea.789
I think we should persuade our father and Queen Sigrid to marry!783
Think of the poetic irony of the situation!776
The best part is that I could write their wedding hymn for them.776
'Today is a happy day, we are getting married,769
Our national anthems are wonderful, won't you sing this song?'767
'Etceteria, Etceteria, Oh what a great country it is, Etceteria, Etceteria, So I wrote a song about it.'742
'And when things aren't going too well, We sing this lovely song, And then we'll all feel so much better, It won't take very long.'715
Here's a copy, you can keep it!685
'It's somewhere in the sea, And it looks very nice, If it weren't for your ancestors, It wouldn't be there at all,'675
Don't mention it, Sir.672
Good day, Madam.668
Is this for me? Really?541
I quite agree!498
What was that, Astrid?498
Oh, that's all right, then.497
Tell me, have you ever composed any poems yourself?397
And why do you think that might be, Madam?354
I composed a poem, would you like to hear it?338
I got up This morning, And had an egg For breakfast332
Don't mention it, darling.330
Yes; I play the lyre and the harp, and compose songs, poems and sagas to move you, to delight you and entertain you! Sadly, my father does not think much of the art. What do you think?327
Hello, dear.306
We don't always see eye-to-eye, but she understands my art better than our father.303
My heart is an open book to you, my darling, and all the pages say yes... ''Yes''!300
I'll ask Father if he minds us discussing this in the throne room for a while.298
I couldn't possibly accept this.287
You flatter me, my darling.286
You're right, it takes great skill and inspiration to be a great poet such as myself.276
Your hair is like a waterfall Or perhaps a bramble bush Your eyes are like an ocean on which I want to sail the ship of our love!275
Oh, I would never concern myself with such trivial matters as those involved in ruling a Kingdom. My interests lie solely in the arts.274
I wrote a song about you. Would you like to hear it?274
It's awful that your work has been undone by such an accident.272
Of course, she couldn't understand as well as you do, my darling.271
Well, if my father had had something to occupy him, he wouldn't have got bored and decided to argue with Queen Sigrid again.270
I'm glad you liked it, my darling.266
It's terrible, my dear! My father's been arguing with the Queen of Etceteria, and has managed to start a war again.266
Welcome back, my darling! 263
I think it will work.262
Of course it will! It always happens in the ballads and stories.260
Two people who start out hating each other, and end up falling in love. It's a classic tale.260
We'll have to put off the actual ceremony until we can find a priest, but you can tell my father I have agreed to marry you.258
So, will you talk to our father and Queen Sigrid, then?258
I'm sure you can manage to arrange it all.257
I composed a saga, would you like to hear it?256
Don't worry, it's quite short. Here we go!255
Perhaps it's an odd idea, my dear, but since we don't have an army, we can hardly declare war...255
Poetry and music have always fascinated me. I am drawn to them like a moth to an overenthusiastic mage who has set himself on fire.251 have to marry somebody in the royal family, namely myself?250
I'm sure you'll manage to do it, dear.250
I must admit I am growing quite fond of you, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.249
Not yet, my darling; let us just say my heart is a maze of inescapable tunnels, and you are the light at the end of one of them.249
This may be the case. I am willing to give you a chance; if you impress me enough, I will consider accepting to marry you.246
Thank you! It's lovely!245
I'm glad you liked it.244
Mmm, a very good answer, Madam.243
I am glad you agree.242
Why thank you. Sometimes I amaze even myself.242
Thank you! I thought I would compose something for future generations, to tell them my story.242
I'm so glad you agree!241
Thank you. It's nice to be appreciated.241
Oh, but I realise you have not yet told me your name!240
Then I shall I call you %FREMENNIK_NAME%, Madam, and you shall call me Prince.240
Are these for me? Really?239
You have perhaps more poetry in your soul than I first thought, Madam...239
Thank you! They're lovely!238
I'm afraid I haven't managed to find a priest for our marriage yet.216
Once upon a time there was a Prince, And Brand was his name, He always had a song in his heart, And a rhyme in his head, 205
Good day, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.199
And he became the world's greatest bard, And delighted one and all, With his songs and sagas, And Brand was his name!187
Come now, what interest would I have in a crass adventurer like yourself? What would you know of the poetry that flows through my veins like an avalanche through a peaceful mountain village?172
How are you doing, my darling? Have you convinced my father yet?95
Don't lower the art of poetry with such bawdy rhymes!90
Thank you, Madam.76
That's very sweet, darling.75
Good day, Sir.62
No thank you, Madam.46
Let's not get ahead of ourselves now, %FREMENNIK_NAME%!41
Hm, no, I don't think that's the right reason.36
I am insulted, Madam!36
Good day, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Have you come to see my sister?32
No, that's the whole poem.31
Music and poetry. Surely you haven't forgotten already?26
Hello, darling.25
You dance well, Madam.25
I'm sorry you feel that way.23
I hear you made peace between our kingdom and Etceteria once more. Well done, my darling.22
I'm afraid not, darling. I don't think there is one to be had on these islands for love nor money...22
Quiet! What would you know about poetry?22
Do not fear, though; I shall call for you as soon as one is found.21
Thank you, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.19
You don't seem to understand poetry at all...18
You are silly!14
I hear you made peace between our kingdom and Etceteria once more. Well done, sir.14
I am insulted, %FREMENNIK_NAME%!12
Thank you, darling.10
Perhaps you are right...9
Have you managed to make peace between my father and Queen Sigrid yet?9
If you don't appreciate my singing, you are free to leave!8
I hear you made peace between our kingdom and Etceteria once more. Well done, madam.8
I'm sorry, but... who are you?8
But... weren't you a woman the last time we met?8
Don't say that, sister!8
Though you do look different - very different, if I may be plain - I do believe you are the person I agreed to marry.8
I can only hope that you find a way to return to how you were before.8
That aside... what did you want to talk about?8
It's terrible, my darling! My father's been arguing with the Queen of Etceteria, and has managed to start a war again.8
Perhaps it's an odd idea, my darling, but since we don't have an army, we can hardly declare war...8
I'm sure you'll manage to do it, darling.8
No thank you, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.8
Fear not! I made many, many more!7
You certainly look different, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.7
In some ways, it's an improvement.7
I don't believe we've met...7
Now please, find some way to turn back into a woman...6
No thank you, darling.6
Don't mention it, Madam.6
%FREMENNIK_NAME%? That's the name of the person I promised to marry.6
What's wrong, Madam?5
You've already given me some, but thank you.5
What's wrong, darling?5
I'm staying right here.4
I'm sorry you think so.4
You must explain what has been going on.4
What's so funny, Madam?2
The moth!2
It is a simile, but what do you know of poetry?2
What's so funny, Jiklah Drapare?1
Let's not get ahead of ourselves now, !1
Don't mention it, Dokdor.1
Was it really that hard to understand?1
You dance well, Ralkur.1
Sorry, Ralkur, but I'm not interested.1
Sorry, Sir, but I'm not interested.1
It's a short one, I'll admit...1
What's wrong, Barlim Drapare?1
Jardar Drapare? That's the name of the person my sister Astrid has promised to marry.1
You've already given me one, but thank you.1