Ooh, thanks! I'll see if it's the right one...7,885
Great, now you've got a key! Bring it to me so I can try it on the doors.7,825
Hooray, you got the right one! Now pull the lever again and let's get the next portal unlocked!5,002
So you've been captured too?2,451
That's right, pull it. Then remember what kind of animal shape you see. That's the animal that contains the right key.2,411
You did it, you got all the keys right! Thank you! You're my friend FOREVER!2,375
Thanks a lot for your help! Here, have a present:2,272
Some of these balloon animals have keys in them, and if you pull the big lever it tells you which shape animal contains the correct key, but I can never find it.1,566
Yes, Evil Bob captured me and stuck me in this prison.1,362
You need to pull the lever to find out which shape animal contains the key, then pop that sort of animal to get the key.1,233
Bring me any keys you get and I'll try them on the doors.1,122
Aww, that was the wrong key! You must have popped the wrong sort of animal. Try the big lever again - it'll tell you which animal to pop.435
Hey, bring me that key you've got! I wanna get out of here!258
You're meant to pull the lever to find out which sort of animal to pop!171
Come on, we should leave before Evil Bob comes back! You go first; I'll follow along.132
Oh. Well I guess you can leave but I'll still be stuck here.120
Don't you remember? This is ScapeRune's prison. Evil Bob caught you and brought you here.95
Evil Bob doesn't care about people's rights. He's cruel and utterly merciless. He's a cat.91
Oi! we'll be using the exit that's over here.64
Don't mind me, I was just leaving...43
Oi! No dropping stuff in the exit! Chuck it somewhere else!4
No thanks, I don't want that just now.3