Well then... instead of flipping a coin, why don't we let the human decide?396
Hmm, interesting, a human joining the Purple Pewter.123
Ah, would you now, would you?119
Certainly not!118
Oh yes? This is in connection with the statue, presumably?116
Oh yes, Hreidmar suggested that it should be one of us. The Era of Kings is long gone, after all. Now the Consortium provides peace and above all prosperity... so the statue should reflect this.116
He is the Director of the Red Axe. Ha, that old fool quite fancies his own head up on that statue, he thinks he can get away with that just because his company is one of the largest in the Consortium.116
The Consortium has yet to make a decision... all the companies are vying for the honour.101
Have you ever considered joining the Purple Pewter, %USERNAME%? You would truly make a marvelous member.100
We wait until the most opportune moment for you to show your support. Yes, you must really come along to one of our meetings.99
A Consortium meeting, when all the directors meet on the top floor of the palace. We have them from time to time. We'll have another one soon, to once and for all solve our little problem with the statue.99
Ah, and what would be lurking behind this particular tunnel?91
But you have certainly proven yourself to be a most worthwhile contributor. I have not seen such dedication in all my years as a director of this company.90
The Red Axe!90
Forthwith, %USERNAME%, forthwith! I'll order the removal at once!90
A moment please, let me check.90
This might well work. Yes, an outsider to the city might have considerably more influence than one might expect, if we play our cards right.89
Yes, I have something appropriate for you here.89
It is agreed then! You are now a 'trusted associate' of the Purple Pewter. Welcome!84
Why, certainly.78
This is indeed an important issue. They've gone too far this time. A major company willingly leaving the Consortium has never happened before.76
So what do you say, will you speak out for me at the next meeting, so that they will base the head of the statue on me?75
Verily, I believe I do.75
I do believe so, yes.68
Admirable attitude, %USERNAME%!51
Hello %USERNAME%! Have you seen the statue? It looks beautiful! It's a pity it's been overshadowed by the departure of the Red Axe.50
Happy to hear that!50
Guthix be praised!45
Excellent, get to it now!43
I will get my secretary to send this to the trade floor at once!43
Then hurry back, %USERNAME%, I'm counting on you!43
The Purple Pewter appreciates what you're doing, %USERNAME%.42
I am well pleased with your work, %USERNAME%!42
Welcome back, %USERNAME%, it's great to see you again!40
You are an exceptional member of the Purple Pewter.38
The Purple Pewter can always rely on you, %USERNAME%.38
What have you come to ask of us, honourable %USERNAME%?35
You never fail to satisfy, %USERNAME%!34
But no. You may have proven yourself to my head secretary, and much appreciated that is as well, you have not fully proven yourself to me yet.31
You are a true asset to the Purple Pewter!30
So no, I cannot grant you this request yet, but I will certainly keep it in mind. In the mean time make sure you help out the Purple Pewter in any way you can.29
I'm busy, please leave.29
We need 4 bars of steel in the next 18 minutes.28
We need 3 bars of bronze in the next 16 minutes.27
%USERNAME%! I've been hearing great things about you!26
Have you come to serve the Purple Pewter again, %USERNAME%?25
Come, %USERNAME%, let us converse a while on your future with us.25
I told you to leave, human!24
My secretary is sitting just over there, thank you.23
I can't help you, go and see my secretary.23
We need 2 bars of gold in the next 14 minutes.23
I said go!23
You are proving yourself a loyal member of the Purple Pewter, %USERNAME%!22
We need 2 bars of mithril in the next 14 minutes.22
We need 3 bars of iron in the next 16 minutes.22
We need 4 bars of gold in the next 18 minutes.20
Come in, %USERNAME%, my secretary has been saying good things about you.20
Were what? A part of the Purple Pewter?20
Talk to my secretary, I don't have time to deal with you.19
We need 4 bars of silver in the next 18 minutes.19
I'm too important to talk to the likes of you, leave.19
Yes, that might certainly change things...19
My secretary will deal with any inquiries you have about the Purple Pewter.18
I'm not altogether sure... much appreciated though you are, you are not really part of the Purple Pewter. Not as such.18
Do you mind? You're blocking my view.17
We need 2 bars of iron in the next 14 minutes.17
We need 3 bars of silver in the next 16 minutes.17
Hello again, %USERNAME%, come in!17
We need 4 bars of bronze in the next 18 minutes.16
We need 3 bars of gold in the next 16 minutes.16
We need 2 bars of steel in the next 14 minutes.16
We need 2 bars of bronze in the next 14 minutes.16
We need 3 bars of mithril in the next 16 minutes.15
We need 4 bars of iron in the next 18 minutes.15
We need 3 bars of steel in the next 16 minutes.15
And how can the Purple Pewter be of service to you today, %USERNAME%?14
How did you get in here? I don't have time to talk to you!14
We need 4 bars of mithril in the next 18 minutes.14
If you're looking for the shops, they're downstairs.13
Today is not a good day, can you come back tomorrow?12
We need 2 bars of silver in the next 14 minutes.11
Come in, come in my friend!10
The Purple Pewter is pleased to see you again!9
Really, %USERNAME%, you don't need to do this anymore.7
Well, if you insist...6
Have you completed your current task yet? Did you get me my bars of iron?6
Hurry then, I don't have time for all this.6
Delightful to see you again as well!5
Not at all, it was a delight to speak to you once more!5
Almost as much an honour as it is to meet you again, %USERNAME%!5
It was time well spent!5
You don't need to do this anymore, you know?5
More work? My, you certainly are an asset to the company.5
Yes, well, don't overdo it now, will you?4
Ah, if only all the members of the Purple Pewter had such dedication as you.4
I'm always happy to make time for you, %USERNAME%!3
Until later, then, my friend! I'm sure the Purple Pewter will play a role in your future again at some point!3
I can imagine!3
It's not every day you run into someone as important as me, I'm sure.2
You are one of our best people, %USERNAME%, naturally I have time for you.2
Have you completed your current task yet? Did you get me my bars of silver?2
And I'm honoured to make some time for you, %USERNAME%!2
Ah, the Red Axe. It's unfortunate that your investigations turned up nothing. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.1
That is an unusual thing to say for you, %USERNAME%.1
It certainly must be.1
Have you completed your current task yet? Did you get me my bars of steel?1
Fine, fine, now what did you want to talk about?1
Don't count on it being any time soon. We're rather locked in an impasse on it.1