Hello. Have you found a new anthem yet?1,106
Let's see now...1,054
Hello. Have you talked to Vargas yet?1,051
What? But it's a great anthem, I composed it myself! Listen!1,012
Well, it can't be helped I suppose...1,011
Have you come for a particular reason? I am a busy Queen, you know. I had to attend the opening of a new orphanage this morning.992
And this afternoon I shall be receiving the Embassador of Karamja and accompanying him on his week-long tour of Etceteria.990
Then this evening we shall be putting on a grand ball! All of the kingdom's nobility will be present!990
Oh, who am I kidding...nothing ever happens here. I always wanted to be a princess when I was a girl. If I'd been told it would be like this, I wouldn't have bothered.989
Yes? Did you want something?988
I'm afraid not. Last time we met I called him a pompous old fool for thinking he was still worth anything as an adventurer.985
Great nations? Don't make me laugh. Still, peace sounds like a nice idea. He will, of course, have to recognise Etceteria officially as a sovereign nation.984
He set off for the icelands to prove me wrong and, well, I expect you saw what happened to him.983
What is it?902
Thank you, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. You've shown yourself to be an excellent diplomat and warrior - not a combination that comes naturally to many.895
Thank you for all your help, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. To show our gratitude, the woodcutters and other workers of Etceteria have pledged to add a proportion of what they produce to your treasury.890
Now that you've finished giving these items back, please give my letter to Vargas.890
Have you talked to the citizens yet, %FREMENNIK_NAME%?817
What exactly happened?799
Etceterian army? There hasn't been one for centuries! These Miscellanian soldiers of his must have disguised themselves.798
Just as I suspected! Vargas, you treacherous snake!797
Incompetent! I'll give him 'incompetent'...785
My citizens have told me that items of theirs have been taken, and I'm sure that Vargas is behind it.785
Of course not!783
And since Vargas shouldn't even be ruling now, it's your responsibility to deal with this.781
Good, good.766
'Etceteria, Etceteria, Of our country we are proud! Etceteria, Etceteria, Let all sing its name out loud!'747
''You're stupid, we're the best, Etceteria beats the rest! and Queen Sigrid is very pretty, King Vargas is a fool, hey, nonny-nonny!''734
You'll have to find a bard to write a new one though. And there isn't a bard to be had for love nor money in Etceteria.731
'And in the times of darkness, Sing praises of our land! And in our hearts we can be sure, Our victory is at hand!'710
Here is a treaty declaring what we've mutually agreed to. I've already signed, so all it needs is King Vargas' signature and it'll be official.709
He promptly declared war, claiming the land of Etceteria belonged to Miscellania.691
Why, this is quite good! I'm surprised!676
'Rising high above the water, The jewel of the North! Our mothers and our fathers, To build this land came forth!'672
When he realised neither of us had an army, he was ever so angry!664
Yes, what is it?654
That explains what the citizens said about armies, I suppose.611
But what about the items that went missing?610
Finally... I have a letter that I would like you to give to Vargas. This war was a mistake, and I've made a formal apology.610
My citizens would like their items back, of course. One of my guards will deal with the items for you, and you will be provided with a suitable reward.602
Do you have the items with you?600
Finally, a ruler of Miscellania who's willing to do something for his neighbours.597
If you talk to the citizens of Etceteria, they will tell you exactly what happened.595
I suppose all those insults I made about his parentage can't have helped the matter...550
The one who should sort this out is you.549
Now I see his plan! Vargas isn't content with simply arguing; he wants to start a war even if it means swindling his own citizens!543
That idiot Vargas has decided to take a hand in ruling Miscellania, even though he'd handed it over to you, and now he's declared war on Etceteria again!536
Since you're the one who's supposed to be ruling Miscellania, you should sort it out.532
Even so, that doesn't excuse what he did to my citizens!522
I would find out for myself, but the pressures of ruling are immense, and I would never have the time free.503
It's one of the hazards of ruling a country, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. You'll get used to it.390
It's one of the hazards of ruling a country, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.387
Finally, a ruler of Miscellania who's willing to do something for her neighbours.303
Have you found those stolen items yet?64
You'd better hurry and look for them.59
We don't know what Vargas might be planning next!41
Hello. Has Vargas signed the treaty yet?38
'Etceteria, Etceteria, Oh what a great country it is, Etceteria, Etceteria, So I wrote a song about it.'32
'It's somewhere in the sea, And it looks very nice, If it weren't for your ancestors, It wouldn't be there at all,'32
Oh dear, no, this simply won't do. Find a better one.32
'And when things aren't going too well, We sing this lovely song, And then we'll all feel so much better, It won't take very long.'29
Oh, that's a pity.21
If he wants an Etceterian army, then we'll have to raise one!19
And what do they say happened?19
Talk to my citizens, then. Finding out what's happened to their items is most important.17
Well, what exactly happened?15
Ah ha!15
I'm glad you've found my citizens' missing items, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Have you had a chance to give Vargas my letter?14
Hurry up and give it to him, please. It means we can formally declare peace again.14
Vargas, not only do you write inflammatory letters, but you even send soldiers around to steal from my people?12
But there hasn't been an Etceterian army for several centuries.12
What sort of Regent of Miscellania do you call yourself?11
I'm glad you understand.10
Vargas, you irritating fool. 'Warmongering harpy', indeed!10
Then you should talk to the citizens of Miscellania and find out exactly what is going on.9
Oh, I apologise. I was merely thinking out loud.9
It could be better. Now, if you don't mind, I'm rather busy.9
Letters are one thing, but raising an army... how has he managed it?8
I want you to go directly to Vargas and ask him what he thinks he's doing.7
Thank you for all your help, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. It's good to know that the Regent of Miscellania is willing to help his neighbours.7
How dare he call me a bloodthirsty tyrant! Who was the one who declared Etceteria part of Miscellania, anyway?6
And how can he call me a megalomaniac? He tried to conquer this country first!6
If he'd like a war, I'll be happy to oblige!6
Of course it's your fault. You rule the country now.5
Oh dear, you don't seem to have enough space to take this reward.5
Well then, here you are.5
Thank you for all your help, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. It's good to know that the Regent of Miscellania is willing to help her neighbours.5
I don't suppose you have space for the reward I offered, do you?4
Please come back and talk to me again when you do have space to carry them.4
I'd have thought it was obvious.3
Have you given Vargas that letter, Thorlor Drapare?3
Come back when you have the space, please. This letter is important.2
It would be a pity not to reward you appropriately.2
Of course, all those insults I made about his parentage can't have helped the matter...2
I suggest you hurry up. We're only a small kingdom, after all, so the culprits can't have gone far.2
*sigh* Well, if you ask the guard at the entrance to the dungeon, he might have picked it up.2
Of course, he won't know what it's for, so you'd better bring it back here once you find it.2
I'll keep it for you until you have room to carry it.2
Have you given Vargas that letter, Ballah?1
Have you given Vargas that letter, Doklak Drapare?1
Have you given Vargas that letter, Bardar?1
Have you given Vargas that letter, Thordur?1