Let's get him!1,670
How do we know you won't just kill us once this is done?595
Sure, go ahead. I'll answer as best I can.527
Ah, I see you've introduced yourself to Veliaf. Are you planning to join the fray against the Drakans?503
%USERNAME%. How goes it?360
Has he now? A good decision if you ask me.312
Of course! Let's rid Morytania of evil, once and for all!311
Well of course she said that. She needs us to believe that we need her, otherwise her whole plan is done for.309
But... once the deed is done, we don't have any further need of her. We kill her as well and Morytania is finally free of that wretched family.308
Oh yes. Here's how I see it. Vanescula is right, we can't kill her brother without her help.307
Think about it. Lowerniel Drakan is supposedly the most powerful vampyre in existence. What vampyre would dare cross the humans that killed him?228
Thanks for doing such good work on the new hideout. Of course, we've tidied up a bit as you can see.217
Don't worry, I'm just getting my stuff together before leaving. Good luck with your trip to the temple.215
Okay. Thanks for letting me know. I'll tell Polmafi.185
Imagine, the death of Lowerniel Drakan. Think what that could do to these dark lands.90
We've come a long way. Just one final hurdle.50
Let us hope, let us hope.44
You should let them know my plan. I bet that will convince some of them.39
Hello. I hear you're doing some important work for Veliaf. You'd best get to it.39
I help with anything I can. I used to be a mercenary before joining the Myreque so I know my way around a blade. I've relied on Veliaf's sword arm many a time. I like to think that he can rely on mine.38
Hello again! How can I be of service to you?33
I have. Something you might find interesting is that Safalaan Hallow, the leader of another Myreque group, has apparently managed to sneak one of his people into the vampyre capital, Darkmeyer.30
I'm not sure how true that is. It would be great though!27
That's more a question for Veliaf. Ultimately though, our goal is to rid Morytania of the vampyres so that we might reclaim our right to exist.21
For me personally, I hope that more people will join our ranks soon. Strengh comes in numbers after all.20
That monster! He killed them! We'll make them all pay!20
We're the only resistance against the vampyres. We're seriously outnumbered though. Veliaf doesn't like to hear us saying 'hopeless' but that's our situation at the minute.19
Greetings! Good to see some new blood. You'd better speak with Veliaf. He's in charge here.9
Best we don't talk right now, %USERNAME%. You need to be watching Safalaan and Vanescula and I don't want to distract you.7