I heard the news from Hamal, outerlander. Alas, I have known this had to be so for a long time, but Hamal just didn't want to listen.1,206
I'm not altogether sure... I do have one thing that may be appropriate.1,205
I still have it, and since it was a gift for Asleif, technically it's hers.830
I was going to give her a necklace, when we were supposed to meet here many years ago.828
Take it, outerlander, and bury it with her. It will be my parting gift.748
It is most unusual, outerlander, that you were able to help us in this manner. But you have my thanks.136
Do not say such things, outerlander! She is not dead, merely missing.122
Yes, I know... well, that doesn't mean she can't still come back, right?117
She'll show up again... yes, yes, I'm sure of it.104
I do not want to see any of the corpses you're carrying around with you! Begone!97
So, you are the outerlander whom Hamal said would look for Asleif.96
You don't even know her name!94
Please, now, leave me alone for awhile while I watch the rippling of the water.88
She used to come here every day, you know, whenever our camp was set up in the vicinity.82
We were supposed to meet here, at the tree by the pool. I think if I wait long enough maybe she will show up again.81
If I knew I wouldn't be standing here, would I?81
I am sorry, outerlander, I have not spoken with your kind for a long time and I'm not feeling so well.78
Oh yes... she is my only love, you see, and will be so forever.74
I do not expect you to understand such things. But perhaps you will find your own love one day, and then you will remember these words.71
She would come to sing here, her voice reflecting on the mountains and falling into the pool like sparkling silver.70
You see, I was set to marry Asleif, the most beautiful woman ever to grace this world.68
Sometimes I think I can still hear her singing, but when I follow the sound around the pool I just end up here again.57
Once you can carry it, outerlander, I will give it to you.52
Is it done yet, the burial?45
Really? You found her? Where is she, tell me!36
Good day, Your Royal Highness.34
What? Do not say such things! Tell me where you saw her!33
That island is bare! There's no one there! Do not try to deceive me, outerlander, she is not dead and you did not talk to her!32
What is it?23
How lucky, then, that I had a spare one for her in case I lost one of them myself.20
Try not to lose it again now, outerlander.15
Yet you still use magic, I assume, and have little actual knowledge of the earth and the rock that you stand on every day.9
Then you are an ignorant, an insult to the gods... and an outerlander.9
And you can't carry anything else either. You are too clumsy, outerlander.3
Good day.3
No, outerlander. Now go away.2
Hey %USERNAME%, you finally got around to naming me.1
You outerlanders with your fancy armour and your runestones and all your convenient little tools.1