I take it you killed that abomination then? It was a human once you know. How does that feel?1,291
He was doomed. With his illness he'd have soon died with or without our tithing. We saved him, just like she wanted. All for you to just kill him!1,271
She was one of the smart ones. She was willing! Saving him was all that mattered. She was ready to sacrifice anything for that.1,193
Citizens of Meiyerditch! I stand before you today so that we may share in a moment of triumph!1,178
It's a shame her mind is no longer there. One of the negatives of the process unfortunately. Otherwise I'd have introduced you. I'm sure she'd have loved to meet her brother's killer.1,178
What is this?1,168
You know, over the course of my life, I have tasted more blood than you could ever imagine. The variety of flavours is incredible, and yet, there's one taste that all others pale in comparison to.1,168
I'm going to enjoy killing you.1,167
...and you believe this creature will be suitable?1,131
For years, the Myreque have lurked in the shadows of this city! Their acts of defiance tainting the greatness that we have all achieved together!1,086
Today, that defiance finally came to an end! Today, we entered the home of the Myreque and eradicated their kind!945
You see, there's nothing sweeter than a taste of hope. And you're full of it.883
For that, you should all be proud.882
We've given your vyrewatch more than enough opportunities and yet the Myreque still elude us. It's time for another strategy.881
Rebellion. Resistance. Defiance. These are not the path to freedom. They are merely the path to death.875
We'd still need the blood though.867
Now is not the time for her games. We can't afford to let the enemy slip through our fingers again.854
However, while today is very much a day of celebration, it should also act as a reminder.851
Follow in her footsteps. Enter the Theatre and survive. Do this and freedom will be yours.850
Anyone who wishes to be free of this life should instead look to Serafina.847
Anyway, you worry about the Myreque. I'll handle Vanescula.838
Our efforts today would not have been possible without every single one of you. The blood you provide ensures that we remain ever capable of facing these threats.837
Visciously efficient as ever, Vanstrom! You never fail to please us.836
Then I think we're done here. Thank you for your time Verzik.820