Have you retrieved my gilded cross for me yet?1,230
Excellent, excellent. Here, take this ring. While you wear it, you will be able to see the things that live in shadows...1,198
Many thanks for returning my heirloom to me, adventurer. Would you like to buy something?1,031
Greetings friend. I am Rasolo, the famous merchant. Would you care to see my wares?948
And you will be able to find the entrance to Damis' lair.923
Then by all means, take another. Only a foolish merchant would give away his only stock!910
Hmmmm? And what would that be?885
Well now... perhaps we can help each other out here.883
Ahhh... The Shadow Diamond...881
Ah, but it is not for sale... As such...873
Well, as a travelling merchant I have roamed these lands for many years...868
...Yes, Al-Kharid. Now, to the south of Al-Kharid there is a passageway, it is called the...863
...Yes. I didn't realise you had travelled there yourself.858
If you know where Laheeb lives, why did you ask me?849
Well, okay then. Anyway, south of this encampment there is an area where few have ever been... It is a village of murderous bandits, and treacherous847
I have in my possession a small trinket, a ring, that allows its wearer to see the unseen...654
I know the object of which you speak. It is guarded by a fearsome warrior known as Damis, they say, who lives in the shadows, invisible to prying eyes...653
I am offering to trade it for an item that was rightfully mine, but that was stolen by a bandit named Laheeb.643
To the far east of here there is an area that is dry, and barren like the desert... it is called...628
Anyway, when you have gone through the Shantay Pass, you will find yourself in a hostile desert... You will need to bring water with you to keep your life. Now, to the south-west of this pass, you will find a small620
thieves... This is where Laheeb makes his home.620
The item in question is a gilded cross, that has some sentimental value to myself. I wish for you to recover this item for me, and I will happily let you have my ring of visibility.614
He will have hidden his stolen treasure somewhere in that village, I am sure of it. When you find his loot, you will find my gilded cross. Return it to me, and I will reward you with my ring589
of visibility, so that you may find Damis. Does this seem fair to you?583
Are you sure? I don't have it anymore...110
So how goes your quest? Did you manage to find the Diamond you were looking for yet?56
Well what seems to be the problem?28
Well, his lair is very close to here. I suggest you look around for it.27
I have already told you, he is of the shadows. You will see neither him nor his lair without the aid of magic.13
No, it is not for sale. Some things are more important than money, and the return of my gilded cross is one of them.11
As you wish. I will travel wherever the business takes me.7
You would be surprised to know just how close he is...4
As you wish.3
Well, should you need a replacement, I suggest you free up some inventory room first...3