What can I do for you, traveller?34
I am afraid you cannot, traveller. I serve only spirits.11
Now, can I offer you anything else?11
Perhaps you refer to the lack of barstools and chairs. My customers have moved well beyond such trivial needs. However there are beds upstairs for the benefit of fleshy travellers.10
Now, can I offer you anything?10
No, it hasn't been very busy lately.8
They say there's trouble in Port Piscarilius. Something about gangs uniting. Might be worth looking into.2
I hear that Lord Hosidius has misplaced one of his sons. The Hosidius family might pay a lot to see him returned safely.2
Apparently there's been some commotion in the middle of Arceuus. Might be worth checking out.1
Apparently Veos is looking for some help with something. He hangs around the docks of Port Piscarilius.1