By all that is holy, this is a travesty!641
I would say I'm happy to see you, but that would be a lie.637
Gah! What weak excuse for sucking his populace dry has the King come up with this time?637
I thought that was all done for the month.274
You expect me to pay a tax for THESE windows. They're not windows, they are holes in the wall! Bah! How much do you want?271
*sigh* It seems a lot of money for some windows.249
You do not need to collect taxes from me this time. Begone with you!22
What? Can't you count? I'm not paying my tax to someone who can't count.12
Oh, hello again. Want to buy some armour?7
That's not right. I'm not paying you that much!6
Is there anything else I can help you with?2
You should speak with the ruler of this isle, King Gjuki Sorvott IV.1