Ah, it's you, how's it going?5,821
Sure, which store do you wanna see?1,614
Hey, have you killed the five shades yet?1,171
Ah, excellent, you've made your own serum and it seems to work well! Many thanks for using the Serum on me! But beware, I may start to change back soon!1,077
Great, I'll experiment on these! I think that Ulsquire might be keen to see some shade remains, if you take some over to him, he can possibly give you some extra information about them.1,035
Great, that's what I wanted to hear. When you've done it, bring back all the remains, I want to inspect them.1,029
Well done...I feel this serum is really working on me. I think you've cracked it my friend! I'd like to give you something for your trouble!943
Those disgusting entities are the filth that have ruined my life. They're the restless spirits of the dead who jealously guard their burial treasure yet feed on the life force of the living.889
Now that you've slayed some of those nasty shades, I feel motivated to help you out, I can trade with you now if you like.837
I've heard that they jealously guard their tomb treasure and that it's worth plundering. I need you to kill five shades and bring me their remains so that I can conduct some experiments. Will you do it?729
Yeah, great job on putting that Shade to rest. The entrance to the Shade Lair is due North of my shop. Good hunting in the lair my friend!659
Hello again...what can I do for you now?596
My name is Razmire Keelgan, I run a couple of shops in Mort'ton but don't get much custom these days.200
I run a general store with a few useful items, and I have a building supplies store, I'm hoping that when things get better down here, people will want to buy items to repair their buildings.196
Well, the people of the village, my usual customers... are all affected by the emanations from some place to the North East. Ulsquire can give you the name.154
Life is a daily struggle with those Shades around here. They attack when you least expect's terrifying! I tell you what, if you kill five of those Shades I'll see if I can help you out! Is it a deal?142
Needless to say Herbi was working on a serum to help us and you stumbled across the recipe! I for one am grateful to you, but there's a lot left to do before Mort'ton is returned to it's former glory.137
Come back then when you have. And remember to bring me the remains, Ulsquire seems to think we might be able to send these poor souls to a better place.127
Have you killed those Shades yet?120
This place is called Mort'ton, it used to be a quiet town with a specialism in death. That is to say that many burial tombs were created here in the naturally formed caves under this very village.101
Well to be honest, all of my stock is packed away right now seeing as the town is all overrun with these Shades. I tell you what. You put an end to five Shades for me and I'll open the store for you! 89
Well, come back when you have.84
You've already used the permanent serum on me, you don't need to use that any more.82
I have details on that dilapidated temple to the North. These shades have a purpose - they jealously guard their burial treasure! If you can do me some favours, I could help you to locate it!75
Hmm, yes, but you don't have the five shade remains I asked of you! Come back when you have them.58
That's great, carry on the good work.57
It's ancient and has been desecrated since before I was born. I've always felt that it was quite a nice place to sit and have a picnic, quite a nice view out of the swamps of Mort Myre.44
I'd say not my friend. That clever Flax chap was always experimentatin', I guess he was a scholarly type. He always dismissed Ulsquires learned speculations about the temple, I'd say that was a bit short sighted myself.42
Well, you made the serum yourself so I guess you'll experimentate with it. I'd say that the temple might be able to change the serum in some way. Well, yes, I guess it sounds superstitious, but what's to be lost?41
I told Ulsquire that if he can afford to go half's with me on the building materials, I'd help him to try and fix it up one day. I've always wondered what it looked like back in pagan times.38
Ulsqire says they're the incarnation of the dead who were interred in the tombs under Mort'ton. If you can find a way to put these spirits to rest, I'll show you a way into their lair!36
Mind you...there must be thousands of them buried under there! Just imagine all the treasure they must have buried under there!33
Oh really... that's interesting... I have just the thing for you!21
The serum works...but it's not too fresh, make some yourself and then it might work for longer.15
Interesting...perhaps they have something against the temple? Perhaps it represents something bad to them? Hmm, interesting stuff, but you'd best speak to Ulsquire about that sort of thing... do you need any supplies?4
Well, you could always have a nice picnic... oh.. but then there's the problem with the Shades... hmmm, not nice... not nice at all! Well, I'll be honest, I don't really know! But I bet Ulsquire will know.2
The serum it works...but it's not too fresh, make some yourself and then it might work for longer.1