You'll regret this, all of you!402
This is outrageous! I'm warning you, The Red Axe will boycott the Trade Octagon!398
A human, at a Consortium meeting? What is this?397
No! I will go on top of that statue! I proposed this in the first place!388
Behold the power of Zamorak!387
The Red Axe is the largest and wealthiest mining company, we have all rights here!375
Enough of this, everyone! This bickering is pointless.372
Return to Arposandra and tell your superiors we've had a partial success.277
Excellent! We are improving. Laneel!258
How did the experiment go?225
Yes... things would have been so much easier with the statue.76
And we would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that pesky human.76
This time they'll survive, I hope.75
Forget about the human and the statue for now. Our experiments are more important.74
No, not yet... She may still prove useful to us.39
No, not yet... He may still prove useful to us.32
I am conducting a meeting here, begone!31