What would you like me to craft for you?300
Welcome, traveller.260
Of course! We elves learned the art long ago, allowing us to form crystals in any way we would like, using just our voices.188
You might be able to with the help of the crystal bowl over there. As long as you've got the right knowledge of what you're trying to craft.180
It's allowed us to make weapons, armour and tools using the finest crystals.161
You do not have all of the required materials and requirements to make anything.115
Of course! Would you like me to craft something for you? For some crystal shards, of course.37
To create crystal tools you also need the dragon equivalent and 180 crystal shards.19
To corrupt the Blade of Saeldor you need some crystal shards plus 500 for me to do it.2
To create crystal armour you need 50 crystal shards per seed used, plus another 60 shards for me to do it.2