I have a question for you.1,434
Nice work!1,430
What do you require, traveller? I deal in many things.1,306
This city holds knowledge many would deem unsafe to share. Why should I be so trusting to you?1,244
Someone willing to share knowledge of our great city to many others? 1,242
Our great library filled with millennia of knowledge; runic, magical and religious, are but small findings compared to the power of the Dark Altar.1,219
What is the matter, journalist?1,218
Very well. As mentioned, rewards for loyalty within our city are priceless. The sharing of our magical research is but child's play to the knowledge we share to the most loyal.1,214
You're welcome. Spread the word of this great city with the new knowledge you have gained, and perhaps be more careful with how you hold your scroll in the future...1,202
Through its power, we have great knowledge on life and death. This knowledge could be yours as well.897
Very well, then. The rest of the world could certainly do with learning about our great library.882
The knowledge of Blood and Soul runecrafting.843
Those seeking favour within our city start with a particularly labour intensive job.291
Our library, as grand as it is, still requires maintenance... constantly.236
Arceuus is filled with literary and magical scholars. Lead by the great Trobin Arceuus, as a leader, he assists in pushing the limit of our knowledge surrounding magical abilities, souls and the crafting of runic energy.211
He cares not for petty control, focusing instead on the expansion of knowledge within Great Kourend.179
My name is Regath, traveller.20
This place is a union of the mystical and the mundane, where the magical realm reaches out to touch the humdrum world of commerce.19
Or, in terms that you may understand more easily, this place is a shop that sells magic stuff for money. Though I also trade in various other items.18
You're not a very good journalist if you forget your equipment. Very well, then. I'll await your return.12