I can't help it, I just have a weak stomach.975
You're no better, Hild. You said you knew where we were, and now look at us!975
We're cold, we're hungry and now we're LOST!975
Besides, it's not like he'll even look at the rubbish you've written in your diary.969
You're almost smart enough to make a good rock.954
We put the things we'd taken somewhere safe, so we could get them back when we made peace again.925
Nice impression of a rock you did there, Armod.914
Everything was going well, until we got back to that place, and a giant sea snake had moved in!662
It's made a nest out of all the boxes and barrels.649
It would have worked, if it hadn't been for that huge snake!646
That idiot Armod should never have burned his diary!27