What can I do for you %USERNAME%?3,492
Ah! Do you know about hot and cold clues?3,489
Well then use this strange device to feel where your destination is and dig.3,281
Hello stranger.2,132
The Imcando dwarves, you say?1,093
I believe a few of them survived, but with the bulk of their population destroyed their numbers have dwindled even further.1,091
What do you need?1,078
Ah you must mean Tristan Corvo. I can't remember anyone ever asking about him before, most prefer to hear about the bigger heroes like Arrav or Robert.1,077
Oh yes. What was it you wanted to learn?1,077
Well we do have census records which date back to when the city was still called Avarrocka. I'm afraid we don't have anything from before that time though.1,077
Have you found that book yet?1,074
I have a book around here somewhere with all of the details, why don't you see if you can find it. It's red if I remember right.1,073
Hmmm. I don't... believe there are any here...1,069
Okay let's see... The Corvo family... Here we are! According to this there was a family by the name of Corvo living in Avarrocka for most of the Fourth Age.1,053
Impossible to say for sure but it was around that time that many people left Misthalin to settle in Morytania. It's possible that the Corvo family was among them.1,052
No, I don't. I think I know someone who might however.1,037
Wonderful, let's have a look.1,031
If I were you I would talk to Baraek, the fur trader in the market place. I've heard he has connections with the Phoenix Gang.841
Let me think actually...792
Ah yes... for many hundreds of years they were the world's most skilled smiths. They used secret smithing knowledge passed down from generation to generation.788
I've never seen that symbol before. Where did you find it?776
Very odd. Have you any idea how it got there?774
I've never heard of a goblin carrying a brooch like this. But just a minute...771
... you could try taking them some redberry pie. They REALLY like redberry pie. I believe I remember a couple living in Asgarnia near the cliffs on the Asgarnian southern peninsula.765
I'm afraid that's all the help I can provide. Port Phasmatys is where most of the Morytania settlers wound up. Perhaps you'll find what you're looking for there.746
The last entry is from the year 1770 of the Fourth Age.743
I'm not sure where the book is mind you... but I'm sure it's around here somewhere.702
They tend to keep to themselves, and they tend not to tell people they're descendants of the Imcando, which is why people think the tribe is extinct. However...697
Hmm... wow... let me see... there is a mention of him in one of my books on the history of Gielinor.692
Unfortunately, about a century ago, the once thriving race was wiped out during the barbarian invasions of that time.690
I'm coming to that. 'The stories tell of the Dragonkin being an intelligent race of bird like creatures that walked rather than used their wings. They are said to be immortal but cannot reproduce, because of this they680
Very little is known about this early part of Gielinor, but unlike many scholars, I believe that folk tales are based on events that actually happened. It is the way history has been passed down generations before we had676
Ah yes. I know. If you look in a book called 'The Shield of Arrav', you'll find a quest in there.674
The other day I filed a book about ancient goblin tribes. It's somewhere at the west end of the library, I think. Maybe that will be of some use.591
Fourth Age... Popular Lore... Ah here we are, Robert the Strong! 'Not much is known about the hero called by the people of Asgarnia: Robert the Strong. Most folk tales describe him as being taller than the tallest human510
became very afraid of death and shunned all other races. The Dragonkin supposedly made corrupted versions of themselves for protection, what we now know as dragons.'492
a way of recording it.475
and far stronger than the strongest man. He wields a six foot tall longbow and travels with his faithful panther Odysseus. He is said to have had a personal crusade against the Dragonkin...'455
Well that's everything we know about him and that is from folk tales.450
That strange device will guide you in the same way the key did. Feel it, but be careful as it is very powerful. Good luck.429
I'm not sure where it is exactly... but I'm sure it's around here somewhere.335
I am the palace librarian.228
Only knowledge.222
No, sorry, that was just my little joke. I'm not the trading type.210
Ah, you use a strange device to tell you how far away you are from the place you need to be. When you get to your destination you dig.176
Although I would probably be in here even if I didn't work here. I like reading. Someday I hope to catalogue all of the information stored in these books so all may read it.128
I know it's around here somewhere. It's red if I remember right.31
Did you have any luck finding the Corvo family?31
Port Phasmatys might be a good place to look. It's where most of the Morytania settlers wound up.29
Hugi? I haven't seen him for a long time! He's still in Keldagrim, is he?24
Perhaps I should go there again some day, now that humans are allowed in again.21
Ah yes... the master smiths among the dwarves. They used secret smithing knowledge passed down from generation to generation.21
You lost it?11
Well you'd better find it again. These books are very valuable.8
Ah, I am always delighted to hear from him. You would not imagine the depths of his wisdom!6
You should make some room for it before I can give you it.6
King Roald has been very generous with my salary, so I can spare you some coins for your trouble.3
I'm sure some herbs would be a suitable recompense for you.1
My old friend Aubury sent me some runes in return for some books he wanted. Perhaps you'd like them?1
Please accept this gem as a sign of my gratitude.1