Did you just understand what I said???1,325
Not very good actually.1,324
I should think it is probably because a warlock has come along and stolen my skull. If you look inside my coffin there, you'll find my corpse without a head on it.1,283
I think it was one of the warlocks who lives in the big tower by the sea south-west from here.1,283
Ooh, thank you. That would be such a great relief!1,281
Release! Thank you stranger..1,214
WOW! This is INCREDIBLE! I didn't expect anyone to ever understand me again!1,143
Well, to be honest... I'm not sure.1,141
It is so dull being a ghost...815
How are you doing finding my skull?353
Hurrah! Now I can stop being a ghost! You just need to put it in my coffin there, and I will be free!268
Wooo wooo wooooo!178
Oh! It's your amulet that's doing it! I did wonder. I don't suppose you can help me? I don't like being a ghost.143
Nope. I just know I can't do much of anything like this!142
Ah well. Keep on looking.67
Woo woo?49
I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in the tower south-west from here. There's a lot of levels to the tower, though. I suppose it might take a little while to find.36
Wooooo! Ooooooh!35
Woo wooo. Woooooooooooooooooo!25
Wooooooo woo! Wooooo woo wooooo woowoowoo woo Woo wooo. Wooooo woo woo? Woooooooooooooooooo!19
Oh that's a pity. You got my hopes up there.16
Hang on a second... you CAN understand me!16
If you just put it in my coffin that should do the trick...15
Wooo woo?12
I'm impressed. You must be very powerful. I don't suppose you can stop me being a ghost?10
Woo Wooooo!10
Wooooooo woo woooooooo.10
Wooooo Woo woo woo!8
Wooo woooooooooooooo...8
The first person I can speak to in ages...7
Wooo wooo?7
..and they're a moron.5
..and they're an idiot.4
Woo Woooo WOOO!1