Greetings. What wisdom do you seek?184
Well, you need to talk to him first.99
Have you spoken to my fellow guardian downstairs?86
Why of course.71
Well, we do stock a special book that you may be interested in, which provides a comprehensive guide to this training arena. It costs 200 coins. Would you like one?63
Greetings. Have you spoken to my fellow Guardian downstairs?40
Very good, that'll be 200 coins please!21
Me? I'm here to grant you rewards for any of the Pizazz Points you may have earned in this training arena. Like my fellow Guardians, I am part of the arena and live to ensure its safe running.20
It's not old and it certainly isn't dusty, but suit yourself.20
Sorry, you must be carrying a Pizazz Progress Hat so I can check what points you have. If you haven't got one, talk to my fellow Guardian downstairs.9
Thank you.9
Use what you've learned, young one.6
Let me know if you lose it.5