Hello there, are you interested in buying one of my special capes?184
Hello. How can I help you?81
New taxes? What for?59
Lack of care? This is about Farmer Brumty and his sheep isn't it? That has nothing to do with us here! Why should we pay for his mistakes?53
What can I get you?27
Ahh well they make it less likely that you'll accidently attack anyone wearing the same cape as you and easier to attack everyone else. They also make it easier to distinguish people who're wearing the same cape as you19
from everyone else. They're very useful when out in the wilderness with friends or anyone else you don't want to harm.19
So would you like to buy one?18
No, it hasn't been very busy lately.7
You don't have the power to enforce that. Go away!6
Yes - ask a gardener.3
I like a customer who knows when to stop.3
Phileas Rimor has supposedly been looking for some assistance with something in Shayzien. Maybe worth investigating.2
They say there's trouble in Port Piscarilius. Something about gangs uniting. Might be worth looking into.2
My pub's called The Golden Field. It's where all the local workers come to relax and unwind after a hard day. I try to keep it really nice here for them. Anyway, are you drinking?2
Apparently Veos is looking for some help with something. He hangs around the docks of Port Piscarilius.1