'Allo mate! Got a job going? Only 500 coins!88
Wanna drink, mate?32
Having a knees-up, eh? Great stuff!30
There ya go, mate!29
Yes, guv?19
I'll make yer a cuppa.18
I'm a great cook, me! I used to work with a rat-catcher, I used to cook for him. There's a dozen different ways you can cook rat!17
Tea's up, guv. You want milk?15
Well, city warder Bravek once threw a chair at me and yelled at me to get him a hangover cure. So I made it and I think it worked, 'cause then he threw another chair at me and that one hit!14
Here you go, mate. Got a bit lost on the way back, sorry 'bout that.14
Sure thing, guv. What'll it be?13
Yeah, but I ain't got the plague or nuthin'! Honest, guv!11
I never liked you anyway!5
You want me to bring back the real thing for that note?5
Cheers, mate! Look forward to working with you!4
Oh, no, mate, I can only carry 6 things. It's me back, see?4
It'll be time for my wages soon, mate. My fee is 500 coins.3
Sure thing guv. Hand it over.3
Where, guv? Don't know where the sawmill is, I'm afraid!3
Sorry mate, I don't think you can bank that.2
'Allo mate! Shall I take you to the guvner?2
Cheers mate.2
Sure thing luv. Hand it over.2
Where, luv? Don't know where the sawmill is, I'm afraid!2
I'll rustle up something tasty.1
All right, mate, see you later!1
'Ave a nice day, mate.1
Here you go, mate. Oop, I see your hands are full. I'll just hold this last thing till you're ready.1
You gonna pay me or what, mate? I won't do any more work until you give me my 500 coins.1
You having a laugh, mate? I can't work without proper kitchen equipment.1
Here you go, mate. Oop, I see your hands are full. I'll just hold these 4 items till you're ready.1
All right, mate.1