Yes, %USERNAME%? What can a humble gardener like myself help you with?937
Just take care of the weed in the patch and plant your seeds. They'll grow into hops very quickly, if you're lucky. Kelda seeds have a remarkably fast grow rate.738
Marvelous, those seeds are quite rare don't you know!734
First of all, you must remember that these seeds only grow underground. Sunlight is harmful to them, for some strange reason.524
There is a patch in the palace garden that you're more than welcome to use.512
Just get rid of the weeds in the patch, plant your seeds and wait for the hops to grow. The miracle of nature will do the rest!93
Yes and no. Yes, you do have to wait, but no, you don't have to stay here. You can help out people in the city, for instance, there's always someone who needs help with an urgent job.92
No no, just people like shopkeepers and such, they're quite willing to teach you things in exchange for the jobs as well.89
Oh no, you don't have to do it all, I just thought you wanted something to do while you were waiting.83
But here, tell you what, I'll give you some seeds if you can deliver this letter to a friend in Falador.82
Happy to hear that! His name is Elstan, he lives just south of Falador.67
Ask away, seeds are a subject I'm particularly interested in myself!47
Wonderful, that's just wonderful! Here, have these two seeds as a reward. They may not be Kelda hop seeds, but you should be able to grow a decent amount of herbs with them.47
If you do find some, though, be sure to come back here if you want to grow them into hops.45
They're extremely rare and they can be grown only underground. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find them.39
Also, if you need a rake, you'll find one just south of here, I left it there 5 minutes ago.18
Come to visit my garden then, have you, human?17
No no, not quite. But I do look after it. It's the palace garden, you see. I keep it tidy, keep it living.13
We can grow a little food underground, but most of it comes from the extensive steamcart network that runs beneath the earth.13
Oh, I'm not boring you, am I?13
It's hard to grow much on these hard rocks deep beneath these mountains, you know.11
Oh yes, as I was saying, it was difficult to make a decent living here. I'm afraid this garden was rather neglected during that time.10
What, with the wars raging up there?10
In the Era of Kings, many centuries ago, it was harder of course. Our steam technology was not developed as far yet and getting fresh supplies of food was always a problem.10
Only when King Alvis heroically defended the city against an invasion of trolls did we dare to venture out and see how much the world had changed.9
Ah well, enough history lessons I should say. I must really get back to my gardening.9
We dwarves went underground a long time ago, see. For a while the city of Keldagrim was completely cut off from the rest of Gielinor simply waiting out the wars of the humans and the gods.9
This made it hard, though, to determine when the wars above the ground were over. Perhaps Keldagrim had remained hidden for far too long.9
Of course, after that...9
Very well. That can be quite relaxing, actually, I often do it myself.8
Haha, it doesn't quite work like that, I'm afraid!7
Oh, there's one in Keldagrim-East, upstairs in the Laughing Miner. They brew their own beer they do.7
I'm sure someone there will be able to help you out, it's not my speciality you see.7
You will need to bring your hops to a brewery.6
How are you getting along with growing your seeds into hops, %USERNAME%?6
Hello again, %USERNAME%! Have you been able to deliver that letter yet?4
Ah! Fortunately I found some hops after your recent harvest. Here, I believe this belongs to you.4
Oh, I'm sad to hear that.2
Oh well, I'll see if I can find someone else instead.2
I suppose it doesn't, really, it's just the mumblings of an old dwarf.1
Oh, alright then.1