How about another game? I'll pay you back with the winnings.3,378
Er ... we'll deal with that when we come to it.3,373
Err ... how about another game? We can settle up after we've finished playing.1,796
Here you go.1,527
As THE Master Bowman, I am most impressed by your equipment, peasant.1,388
I'm sorry, I don't sign autographs.1,226
You do not have any bones for me to convert for you.1,211
Please don't do that!!! They will suck the life from my bones!!!1,135
Yes, anything!!!1,081
While you're here, though, why don't you have a game of Runedraw with me? If you've got 25 gold pieces I've got a bag of runes we can use.1,065
Sorry, my orders are that I can only give slime to those who have completed the Morytania medium, hard or elite diaries.865
You do not have enough space for both bonemeal and slime. Come back to me when you have space.731
How about another game?687
Do you want another game of Runedraw?575
There's a diary master in Canifis, go and speak to her.416
Two players take turns to draw a rune from a bag, which contains ten runes in total. Each rune has a different value: an air rune is worth one point, up to a Nature rune which is worth nine points.301
You have already claimed your daily bonemeal and slime. Come back again tomorrow for some more.286
If a player draws the Death rune then the game is over, and they have lost.283
A player can choose to hold if they wish and not draw any more runes, but this runs the risk of the other player drawing more runes until they have a greater points total and win.273
Leave me be, peasant - I am relaxing.70
Do you know who I am?66
I, peasant, am Robin, Master Bowman. I am very famous you know.64
So have you heard of me?64
Would you do me a favour? I appear to have run out of bed linen. Can you run along to the innkeeper and get me a clean bedsheet?63
Well it's about time. Run along now, I need some Robin time.55
I'll certainly sign your longbow, if you bring me one!!54
Hey you, why don't you have a game of Runedraw with me? If you've got 25 gold pieces I've got a bag of runes we can use.52
As THE Master Bowman, I am quite impressed by your equipment, but it's not the sort I'd recommend myself. Try more conventional forms of accuracy enhancement.48
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!42
Now that sounds more like it. Run along now, get me my sheet.40
Oh charming. You just can't get the staff these days.11
Oh, okay - just keep your promise not to tell the ghosts anything.2