I'm confused. It takes incredible skill to smith anything from my ore, yet the items you'd get are terribly mediocre.209
I'm totally showing the bling today.140
Your world is amazing. I truly am in awe.125
I am so in my element right now.119
Not quite, my body is formed mostly of minerals.116
I have an idea for a song.110
So near and yet so far... if my atoms were arranged a little differently, I could be diamond.110
No, rocks are rocks, minerals are minerals. I am formed from minerals.102
Yes, I am. This conversation seems to be confusing you; perhaps you should stop.92
Did you ever hear the tragedy of Queen Efaritay the Fair?85
Oh dear, I've gone all pale.60
I may be green, but I'm not an environmentalist.54
It just feels like my world doesn't make sense, sometimes. But I suppose it's always been like this, and I've got used to it.51
A little. Though sometimes I just feel like I'm being used as a status symbol, and no-one appreciates me for me.49
Don't worry. At least I look good.46
I feel sad today. Very blue.45
I'm blue, da-ba-dee da-ba-da.32
I expect I would, until someone tried chipping bits off me with a chisel. I'm probably safer as coal.32
I thought not.29
It's not a story the Myreque would tell you.28
There's no need. Whatever you may have read, even coal is a renewable energy source - just wait a minute and the rocks respawn.22
You can burn as much as you like, too, without needing to worry about it affecting the climate - we don't have a lot of weather here.22
Silly human, it's pronounced Lova-Kane.22
Yes, I pity anyone whose world doesn't work like this one. I don't know how they can possibly cope.21
How did you not know that?21
No-one understands me.17
Because argle gargle gooble goop.17
Ha! Now you're making them as well.17
It must be something I ate.17
Truth is, I am Iron Golem.16
I can dream, %USERNAME%!16
I feel strangely emotionless and empty. Maybe I should feel sad about it, but I can't.9
Correct. Now, if I only had a heart...6
Copper-copper-copper Cophelia - you come and go, you come and go...6
No-one appreciates granite.5
I know how it works. No-one actually wants granite. They just chop us up and throw our pieces on the floor.1
When you've seen your relatives cut into pieces, with their severed limbs cast aside like junk, THEN you will understand how I feel.1