Come one, come all, buy my amazing choc ice invention here! Chocolate on the outside. Iced cream on the inside. Oh I also have some chocolate left over from making choc ices which I'm selling too.74
It's quite a surprise, isn't it, my friend. I actually have this special magic box of ice, which I bought for a princely sum, from a strange man while adventuring in lands far away. He said it is imbued with some sort of18
powerful ice magic which keeps it cold all the time. I had never seen any ice magic before, it's clearly very rare and powerful, so I felt I had to buy it.18
I really have no idea. It's most regrettable. Fortunately my innovation with my choc ice invention is helping people stay at least slightly cool.14
Ohh as good as ever. The people of Nardah seem to have taken well to the taste of chocolate and iced cream combined and, with the curse gone, all my friends are much happier too, so it's all good.6