Thank you so much! Would you like a cup of tea before you go?11,760
I'd like my hat stand fixed.1,230
I'd like my mirror fixed.892
I'd like my range fixed.830
I'd like a Mahogany bed built.768
I'd like two Mahogany drawers built.461
I'd like a Teak bed built.371
I'd like two Teak drawers built.297
I'd like an Oak bed built.174
I'd like two Oak drawers built.129
Do you require any assistance?47
I'm fine, how are you?39
I know son, it was a long journey. I just need to work out where we're going.23
I'd like a Wooden bed built.21
Good day to you. Nice weather we've been having.19
Not too bad thanks.18
Who are you?17
I'm very well thank you.16
I'd like two Wooden drawers built.15
I'd like a Mahogany drawer built.13
Get out of my way, I'm in a hurry!13
Not too bad, crazy to think that there wasn't actually a plague after all.10
I'd like a Teak drawer built.8
I'm a little worried I've heard there's lots of people going about, killing citizens at random.8
I've heard there are many fearsome creatures that dwell under the ground...8
Ah, I suppose someone has to do it.8
Not too bad. Glad that plague hasn't touched the better areas of town.7
I'm busy right now.7
No, I have nothing I wish to get rid of. If you want to do some trading, there are plenty of shops and market stalls around though.6
I'm sorry I can't help you there.6
No, I don't want to buy anything!5
I'd like an Oak drawer built.4
Are you asking for a fight?4
No I don't have any spare change.4
Have this flier...3
That is classified information.2
I like our king, he's keeping the poor and infected away from us decent folk.2
I'd like a Wooden drawer built.1
None of your business.1
Do I know you? I'm in a hurry!1