Well, I know I wouldn't want anyone to find out I had a habit like yourrrs, but still...1,027
You know, they look verrry still...1,027
Well, frrriend, I take it you have-1,026
What are you doing herrre of all places? Don't you smell that weedy human, Fenkenstrrrain?1,026
Seems rrreasonable. Is that why they arrren't making any noise?1,024
You know, I think therrre might be...1,024
...nothing wrrrrong whatsoever!1,024
That's good. You should rrreally kick the habit beforrre it gets too late.1,024
Herrre is the shipping orderrr. Just paste it to send that crrrate on its way!1,023
Well, it's a bit of a way to go, but for you, I'd wrrrite up a shipping orderrr.848
Well, I didn't think you wanted to send shoes, frrriend; this is a meat shop. What I mean is, what KIND of meat do you want to send?845
Wait, you are sending it live, rrright?843
Hmm, I hadn't hearrrd about any packs running with the pirrrates...still, I trust you.842
It's cats isn't it?842
Ha, ha, ha! Of courrrse, of course!841
No buts, frrriend, you get going. I know how trrricky those things are to grab!840
Oh, don't worrrry, you sly dog, I'll not tell anyone.839
I take it this is the crrrate?818
Although I'd prefer it if you took yourrr cat habit elsewherrre in futurrre. You understand, rrright?786
Grrreat! Here's the parrrts of the crrrate. Sorrrry, but I seem to be out of nails.780
See you laterrr, frrriend!776
What do you want to send?676
Look, I apprrreciate you'rrre wanting to catch the meat yourrrself, I mean that's the sort of wolf I am too, but therrre is one thing.595
So, can I get a hint as to what you arrre sending?593
So, what can I expect to see when I inspect this shipment of yourrrs?591
I'll gladly give you a crate for the meat, but I'll have to inspect it beforrre you send it over. I don't want my name associated with anything less than 100% frrresh, you understand.582
I mean it is going to take a while to get therrre, so I'm not going to ship it unless it's at least a little alive.582
Tell you what, I'll get the shipping order for a crrrate of cats wrrritten up rrright now. You just provide the meat.578
Rrrabbits? Ducks? Sheep?577
Here, when you need me to inspect the meat, give this a blow and we'll get those tasty kitties of yours shipped off lickety split!507
Grrreetings frrriend! Welcome to my worrrld famous food emporrrium! All my meats are so frrresh you'd swear you killed them yourrrself!118
Surrre! Here you go.115
You're carrying too much for me to give this to you now, but I have a whistle you can blow to call me when you have the crrrate filled.75
Come talk to me when you have some frrree space forrr it.67
Yes, herrre are some new ones.49
Grrreat! I have the parrrts for the crrrate forrr you when you have the space to carrrry them.45
What? Why, what else would you want to eat? What kind of lycanthrrrope are you anyway?27
How goes the hunting, frrriend?19
Well, you have the crrrate parrrts, which is a good starrrt.16
Cooked food? Who would want that? You lose all the flavourrr of the meat when you can't taste the blood!14
Sure! Herrre you go.8
You have a whistle to call me with, so that will make things simplerrr.4
Well, I have plenty, but you seem to have no space for it. Come back when you do.3
Fine, but I'm not happy about putting my name on so many orrrders for cats. Try to be more careful with this one.1